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Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man, Others Return as Alternate Characters in Marvel's What If...? Trailer

What If...?
By Richard Nebens

The Walt Disney Company Investor's Day Meeting has finally arrived as Marvel and Star Wars fans all over the world anxiously await what will be coming from both pop culture behemoths in the imminent future. The Marvel fandom is on the edge of their collective seats, especially after 2020 went by with no new MCU content, as Phase 4 looks to finally make its long-awaited debut.

Disney has already announced that Marvel Studios has at least ten new shows confirmed for Disney+ over the next few years, which leaves at least two unknown properties still to be revealed. Kevin Feige has even revealed new looks at a few of the new shows set to premiere on Disney+, including the first-ever animated feature in the MCU.


Kevin Feige debuted the very first trailer for Marvel Studios' What If...? at the 2020 Disney Investor's Meeting.

The full trailer can be seen below:


In only one minute and 55 seconds of new footage, this trailer teased one of the most exciting new projects in the MCU’s upcoming future. Scenes teased from the show’s original announcement such as Peggy Carter becoming Captain Britain, zombie Captain America and more were shown off, and there is so much more than could have ever been expected as well.

Yondu is seen talking to a young T’Challa after taking him in his spaceship, while the older T’Challa does appear to be played by the late Chadwick Boseman in his final MCU project. Nick Fury takes center stage along with Jeffrey Wright’s Watcher narrating the entire way through, and nearly every single major character from the MCU’s past will be utilized in the franchise’s first ever animated series.

This series looks absolutely beautiful in terms of the animation style with the colors utilized, and this first trailer certainly builds up the hype to a whole new level. What If…? is scheduled to come out in Summer 2021.

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