Marvel Studios Confirms Thanos' Next On-Screen Appearance

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Thanos silhouette, Marvel Studios logo

Marvel Studios recently revealed Thanos' involvement in its latest MCU project.

The Mad Titan's last major live-action appearance came in 2019's Avengers: Endgame when fans were treated to two different versions of the ruthless character. He did make another brief cameo appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but it was just the deceased corpse of the supervillain.

Outside of that, he popped up in other projects since then such as the Disney+ animated series, What If...?, where he has been a part of multiple episodes.

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Thanos' Inevitable Return

Marvel Studios recently released a trailer via YouTube for an upcoming project that heavily involves Thanos, confirming his next MCU appearance.

The footage was for an interactive story tied into What If...? titled What It...? - An Immersive Story.

That project, which was released on May 30, is available exclusively on the Apple Vision Pro and will take fans on a journey through the Multiverse as they come face-to-face with different Variants of MCU villains such as Hela, the Collector, and Thanos.

The trailer for What If...? - An Immersive Story featured multiple shots of Thanos with the same character design as seen in the What It...? series.

Thanos with every Infinity Stone in What If...? - An Immersive Story
Marvel Studios

One snippet showcased the Mad Titan with his Infinity Gauntlet adorned with all the Infinity Stones, teasing that the viewer/player will have their work cut out for them if they have to go toe-to-toe with him in his most powerful form.

Thanos using the Power Stone in What If...? - An Immersive Story
Marvel Studios

It was also revealed that Thanos will be able to use each Infinity Stone individually, as a beam of purple light makes it appear as though he is utilizing the Power Stone.

Thanos using the Reality Stone in What If...? - An Immersive Story
Marvel Studios

Likewise, another shot features red energy coming from something that he is holding in his fingers, indicating that he is using the Reality Stone.

Thanos in What If...? - An Immersive Story
Marvel Studios

The trailer also displayed Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet or any of the stones, teasing his fairly major role in the hour-long narrative of What If...? - An Immersive Story.

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Where Will Thanos Show Up After What If...? - An Immersive Story?

Although Thanos' character arc in the live-action side of the MCU was wrapped up in Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios is still clearly not done with the character.

Thanos became such a major name that he could move ticket sales and viewership numbers solely because of his presence.

For example, the trailer for The Marvels included never-before-heard dialogue from Thanos, indicating that he may play a role in the film, and then leading to fans being disappointed when he didn't.

As mentioned, the Mad Titan has also been brought back numerous times in both seasons of What If...? because it is almost guaranteed that fans will tune in and watch those episodes.

What If...? Season 3 is already in development, and there is a good chance that Thanos will continue showing up in that project.

As far as live-action goes, the Multiverse presents all kinds of possibilities. If Marvel Studios wanted to bring in a Thanos Variant sometime in the future, they most definitely could do so and it wouldn't break any in-universe rules that have been established as of Phase 5.

What If...? - An Immersive Story is now available to experience exclusively for the Apple Vision Pro.

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