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The Direct Podcast: Wonder Woman 1984 to HBO Max, MCU's Deadpool 3, and More

Episode 8 of The Direct Podcast, Deadpool, Wonder Woman


We had major news coming from all three universes this week - anything we didn’t cover in this week's show can be found on our site.

We talk about Wonder Woman 1984 officially being released on HBO Max AND theaters on Christmas Day and what that means for the movie world moving forward. We also break down everything that happened in The Mandalorian "Chapter 12" and what we predict for the latter half of this season. And finally, we draft the MCU characters we are most excited to meet, featuring Richard Nebens!

And let's not forget about Deadpool 3... 

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4:01 - Sizzle Reel

6:48 - WW84 Release

17:04 - Deadpool 3 News

23:36 - Mando Review

46:09 - Direct Draft