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New Disney+ Study Reveals High Demand for Marvel's What If...? Show

Disney+ Logo, Agent Carter, T'Challa in What If...?
By Aeron Mer Eclarinal

The future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be shaped by a new branch in the form of several live-action series under the Disney+ umbrella. These shows will pave the way for the franchise to introduce new heroes in the mix while also giving other characters a chance to shine. 

An intriguing addition to the Disney+ lineup of the MCU is Marvel's What If...?  Set to premiere sometime in 2021, the animated series will look to explore alternate scenarios from the Infinity Saga. Several stories have already been revealed so far which include Peggy Carter taking the mantle of Captain America and T'Challa as Star-Lord. Despite that, plenty remains unknown about Marvel Studios' first venture into the world of animation. 

Now, it seems that the interesting concept of What If...? is already a winner in the eyes of Disney+ subscribers.


Based on a report from The Hollywood Reporter, third-party measurement firm Parrot Analytics revealed that Marvel's What If...? was among the list of most in-demand Disney+ shows during the service's first week of launch. 

Platform Launch Demand Graph of Disney+

Source: Parrot Analytics via The Hollywood Reporter

Aside from What If...?, the graph also reveals other Disney+ shows that have high demand which includes The Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, High School Musical: The Series, and The World According to Jeff Goldblum


It isn't surprising that Marvel's What If...? already has high demand even though the series has yet to premiere. It was confirmed during last year's San Diego Comic-Con that a plethora of MCU veterans will return to voice their characters for the show. That said, the promise of these major figures returning should serve as a welcomed piece of news for MCU fans while also giving Disney+ subscribers a reason to invest on the platform. 

As of right now, Marvel's What If...? is reportedly still in production despite the pandemic. It has already been confirmed that the series will not be using motion-capture technology, and this development should not derail the current production progress. In a way, this provides a chance for the creatives behind-the-scenes to develop the alternate storylines of the show further while also digging deep into the realm of animation. 

However it shakes out, there is no doubt that Marvel's What If...? will provide fans a fresh perspective to different MCU storylines, and this huge demand from subscribers should serve as a testament to the longstanding success of the billion-dollar franchise.