Marvel's What If Creator Calls It Quits With Studio, Announces Departure

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Tony Stark in What If, Marvel Studios

A.C. Bradley, creator of Marvel’s What If…? has parted ways with the Red Brand to take on new projects.

What If…? marked Marvel Studios’ first leap into the format of animation. The show has a unique hook, asking what would happen if well-known MCU events went very differently.

The Multiverse-hopping show just concluded its second season on Disney+, and now, the woman responsible for its creation has made a surprising announcement.

A.C. Bradley Has Left the Building

Black Widow and Captain Carter in Marvel's What If...? Season 2

A.C. Bradley, who served as head writer and executive producer for both seasons of What If…? took to X to share that she has departed Marvel Studios. According to Bradley, “It’s time for new adventures and mediums.”

“Last 'What If...?' tweet! This ep is my absolute FAVORITE and marks my final 'What If...?' script. After season two, I made the decision to move on from Marvel. It's been a fun ride, but it's time for new adventures and mediums. All my love to the cast, crew, & fans!”

The tweet was made in response to the trailer for a yet-to-be-aired What If…? episode from its forthcoming third season. This indicates that Bradley’s writing and producing responsibilities extended, at least in part, to Season 3.

It was previously reported that What If…? would hire a brand new writer for the show’s third run.

A.C. Bradley is actually one of Marvel Studios' most credited scribes, having written nine episodes of What If…? and two Ms. Marvel installments.

When Does What If…? Season 3 Come Out?

With the final Season 2 episode of What If…? having recently dropped on Disney+, many fans are understandably curious as to when exactly the show will return for another round.

At this time, it’s not known when the third season will arrive, sadly. Given the positive response to Season 2’s rapid-fire, daily release schedule though, Marvel might opt for the same strategy next time around.

A trailer has been shown for Season 3, however. The fresh footage follows Alexei Shostakov and Bucky Barnes on the run from the law and the animation looks to be finalized, so it could be that the new What If…? episodes are farther along in the production cycle than some perhaps assumed.

Both full seasons of Marvel Studios’ What If…? can be streamed on Disney+.

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