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Watch: Ethan Hawke & Oscar Isaac React to Moon Knight's New Trailer

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke
By Richard Nebens

While Marvel Studios’ 2022 slate of projects won’t kick off for a couple of months, fans now know that this new venture will start with Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight on Disney+. With this series being the first MCU project to introduce an all-new starring hero via a streaming show, excitement is already palpable, especially after the show’s first trailer made its debut featuring Isaac and Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow.

In the most basic terms, Moon Knight looks like possibly the darkest and creepiest MCU property to date as Isaac embodies the multiple personalities living inside of former mercenary Marc Spector, who is only mentioned by name in the trailer. Along with Hawke's mysterious villain and a deep dive into ancient Egyptian mythology, the MCU is set to feature a story unlike any told in franchise history.

With this show's first look being the first trailer for Phase 4 in 2022, it's already building considerable hype as fans wait to see Isaac take on the dark and creepy nature of Moon Knight's comic history. While reactions from fans have been largely positive, the MCU fandom now gets a look into how the show's leading stars felt after seeing their work released to the public.

Moon Knight Stars React to Trailer

Moon Knight stars Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke appeared in a trailer reaction video where they watched their show's recently-released first trailer. The series will begin streaming on Disney+ on March 30.



Hawke and Isaac Loving Moon Knight Footage

Trailer reaction videos are far from uncommon in this day and age, especially with how much hype Marvel Studios has built around the releases for its own first looks. The core cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home jumped on this trend as the trailers for that movie reached almost mythical proportions, and with this new video, it seems to be turning into a trend for Marvel's cast members to partake in this kind of video.

From the footage, it's abundantly clear that Isaac and Hawke are thoroughly enjoying their work, especially with Isaac joking around about his accent with the classic Oliver Twist quote "Please, sir, can I have some more?" Along with commenting on his Rubik's cube abilities and praising the use of Kid Cudi's music in the background, the duo's enthusiasm is undeniable as they enjoy looking back on what they shot for Marvel.

All in all, both Isaac and Hawke share how creepy the show is for both of them, which seems to be what Marvel is looking to accomplish as the MCU gets darker and creepier going into 2022. Whether the studio continues making trailer reaction videos for future projects is a mystery, but for now, this one only continues building anticipation ahead of its Disney+ debut.

Moon Knight will begin streaming on Disney+ on March 30.