Marvel Studios Reveals Its First-Ever Doctor Doom Design Ahead of Live-Action Debut

Ahead of his return to the big screen, big bad Doctor Doom is now in the spotlight under Marvel Studios.

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X-Men '97 Director Teases Marvel Cameos In Upcoming Episodes (Exclusive)

The director of Marvel Animation's X-Men '97 said fans should keep their eyes open when watching the revived Disney+ series.

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Disney+ Hulu Announces Release of Major DC Superhero Movies on Platform

In a shocking move, two major DC movies will soon begin streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

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Star Wars: Old Republic Vs. High Republic Differences Explained

The Old Republic and High Republic may sound similar, but there are some key differences.

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Renegade Nell Season 2 Gets Exciting Update from Producer

Ben Taylor, Renegade Nell director and executive producer, gave fans an update about a potential Season 2.

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Disney+'s Wish Movie Release Breaks a Frustrating Streaming Record

The streaming release for Disney's Wish has broken a record for the studio.

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X-Men 97's Cable Twist Explained: Nathan Summers Connection Revealed

How did X-Men '97 Episode 3 set up the return of one major character from the 1990s animated series?

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Why Did Disney+ Just Change Color to Teal-Green?

The Disney+ logo is sporting a brand-new color scheme. Why did Disney make the change?

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X-Men '97 Episode 3 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

X-Men '97 has finally made its Disney+ debut. Here's when to expect Episode 3 and the rest of the season.

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The Acolyte: Who Is Carrie-Anne Moss Playing? New Character Details Revealed

Carrie-Ann Moss joins a galaxy far, far, away in Star Wars' The Acolyte.

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X-Men '97 Episode List on Disney+ (Confirmed)

Here are all the confirmed episodes of the X-Men's latest series, including a historic three-parter.

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Is a Golden Girls Reboot Releasing on Disney+? New Remake Speculation Explained

Is Golden Girls being remade for a Disney+? The answer might be surprising.

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Marvel Studios Makes Rotten Tomatoes History With New X-Men Show

The brand-new X-Men ‘97 series now boasts a major victory on the review aggregator site.

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X-Men 97 Voice Actors: 23 Main Characters and Who Voices Them

Meet the main cast members and their respective characters for X-Men '97.

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X-Men '97 Powers Guide: All 12 Heroes' Abilities Revealed by Marvel Studios

Here are the superpowers of all of the main mutants appearing in Marvel Studios' X-Men '97.

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X-Men 97: Magneto's Backstory In Animated Series Explained

Magneto's mutant origin story in X-Men: The Animated Series paves the way for his arc in X-Men '97.

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X-Men '97: Here's How Professor X Died In the Animated Series

Marvel's new series, X-Men '97, picks up after the death of Professor X in the original series.

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Will Darth Plagueis Appear In The Acolyte?

The iconic Sith Darth Plagueis has been theorized to appear in The Acolyte.

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Squid Game Star’s Acolyte Character Explained: Who Is Master Sol?

Here's everything to know about Lee Jung-jae's character, Master Sol, in The Acolyte.

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When Does The Acolyte Take Place On the Star Wars Timeline?

Fans will experience a never-before-seen era of the Star Wars universe in The Acolyte.

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Marvel Studios Confirms Release of 2 Disney+ Shows Amid Cancellation Concerns

Despite Marvel Studios scaling back Disney+ content, two MCU Disney+ series won't be canceled after all.

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Marvel Studios Releases Its First-Ever Wolverine Poster (Official)

Wolverine and his Adamantium claws are in the spotlight thanks to a new X-Men '97 poster.

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How Old Is Omega Vs. The Bad Batch In Season 3?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch's Omega is older than her Clone Force 99 brothers. But just how old is she?

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Every Percy Jackson Book In Order (Chronological) - How to Read All Rick Riordan Books In Series

The world of Percy Jackson is vast, so here are three different ways to explore it through the books.

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Marvel Studios Canonizes 11 Seasons of MCU Netflix Shows

The Defenders have been canon for longer than originally thought.

By David Thompson -

Disney+'s X-Men Reboot Reviews: Critics Share Strong First Reactions

Marvel Animation's X-Men '97 is getting strong praise from critics in their first reactions.

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Disney Announces Ahsoka & Grogu's Next Star Wars Appearance

Grogu and Ahsoka Tano's first 2024 appearance isn't for Disney+ but rather Disney's upcoming expansion to Star Tours.

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Marvel Studios Makes 1 Key Change to Foggy for Daredevil Reboot

Foggy Nelson will return in Daredevil: Born Again, but the character will look a bit different.

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Percy Jackson Season 2 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

Percy Jackson Season 2 is on the way. Since its announcement, there have been several exciting production updates.

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Disney+ Confirms 6 Next Marvel & Star Wars Show Releases

6 new Marvel and Star Wars shows are coming to Disney+ in the next couple years. What do fans have to look forward to?

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The Bad Batch: Is Tech Dead? What Really Happened to Him, Explained

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is missing one of its core characters. Here's what happened to Tech between Seasons 2 and 3.

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Extraordinary Season 2 Cast, Characters & Actors (Photos)

The hilarious coming-of-age superhero show is coming back to Disney+ with both new and familiar faces.

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Disney+ Announces Historic Finale Plans For Next Marvel Show

Marvel Studios' next show will have a finale that spans more than one episode.

By Nathan Johnson -

Marvel FINALLY Reveals If MCU Daredevil Got Snapped by Thanos

Did Daredevil survive the Snap? Marvel's latest Disney+ show revealed the truth.

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X-Men '97 Release Date Schedule of Episodes on Disney+ (Confirmed)

The X-Men: The Animated Series successor is almost here. When will new episodes be released?

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Is Daredevil Season 4 Releasing on Disney+ In the Form of Daredevil: Born Again?

Is Daredevil: Born Again a continuation of Netflix's original Daredevil series? Here's what we know.

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Percy Jackson Season 1 Omitted These 6 Key Scenes from the Book

While a very faithful adaptation, Season 1 of Percy Jackson did skip a few fan-favorite moments.

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Marvel Studios Announces Record-Breaking Episode Count for Newest Show

X-Men '97 is confirmed to break the Marvel Studios record for the number of Season 1 episodes.

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When Will Wish Start Streaming? Disney+ Reveals March 2024 Release Schedule Without Movie

The streaming release for Disney's Wish just got a concerning update.

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Disney+ Confirms 3 Marvel & Star Wars Releases for March 2024

Three Marvel and Star Wars projects will hit Disney+ in March, covering a wide range of content.

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The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

The first four episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 are streaming now on Disney+. But when should fans expect Episode 5 and the rest of the season?

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