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Zack Snyder's Justice League: New Ben Affleck Batman Images Officially Released

Ben Affleck, Batman
By Richard Nebens

After all of the announcements from DC FanDome and the hype surrounding this new release for years, the Director’s Cut of Justice League is finally on its way to HBO Max in 2021. The film’s trailers have teased a completely new movie with a story and visuals that are finally giving fans something to cheer about.

Even with all the new details being brought to this cut, the focus will still be on the six starring heroes that had been built up through the previously released movies in the DC Extended Universe. Zack Snyder himself has been very open about teasing the look of the team in his new release, including a brand new image just released, centered around the hero who has today all to himself .


In a new post from the official Snyder Cut Twitter page , a brand new image of Ben Affleck’s Batman has been released to celebrate Batman Day and tease the release of the Director’s Cut of Justice League .

The shot is a perfectly menacing look at the Caped Crusader with a dark background, showing off the details in his mask and full costume. The image can be seen in full below:

Update: Another new image of Affleck, this time in his Bruce Wayne attire, has been released on Zack Snyder's personal Twitter account:

Snyder is celebrating Batman Day in the best way possible, sharing a brand new image of a character he has put in endless time creating for the DCEU over the last five years. Fans have raved about Ben Affleck’s performance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as one of the best parts of that film, and even though Snyder didn’t get to complete his vision for the theatrical release of Justice League , it will still become a reality with the release of the Snyder Cut.

This film also won’t be the last we see of “Batfleck,” with Affleck reportedly set to return to the cape and cowl for 2022’s The Flash . The extent of his role hasn’t been revealed, and it will be fascinating to see how both he and Michael Keaton’s 1989 Batman are shown through the DCEU Multiverse . For now, fans can enjoy this chill-inducing image as Zack Snyder celebrates Batman Day with the rest of the world.