Justice League's Ray Fisher Blasts New DC Boss James Gunn

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Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in Justice League, called out DC boss James Gunn for a number of deleted tweets.

The DCU may be moving forward under new leadership, but that doesn't mean audiences have forgotten Warner Bros.' past missteps. 

One of the most glaring remains 2017's Justice League, where the studio used Zack Snyder stepping away from personal reasons to overhaul the film with Joss Whedon

Amidst the fan campaign to release Snyder's cut of the film, more DC troubles were brought to light. 

Back in July 2020, Cyborg star Ray Fisher accused Whedon of toxicity and abuse on the Justice League set and continued to criticize Warner Bros. leadership in the months that followed. 

Now that Peter Safran and James Gunn have taken the reins of the DC Universe, Fisher is looking to hold the former MCU director and new DC boss accountable as well. 

Ray Fisher Fires Shots at DC's James Gunn

Ray Fisher, Justice League

Justice League actor Ray Fisher posted on Twitter, going off on new co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn over having deleted Tweets about the 2017 film's director Joss Whedon:

"The way James Gunn uses fake grace on Twitter is really funny.Him going to bat for Joss Whedon, pseudo-apologizing for it, and then deleting it immediately before taking his new DC job is not. Refusing to apologize for toxic behavior seems to be a job requirement for WB/DC"

Fisher's call for Gunn to "Now do this one" comes amidst a string of apologies from the new CEO.  

James Gunn Ray Fisher

What the actor is taking issue with has to do with him "liking" tweets like Alan Tudyk's that had to do with Whedon. 

Ray Fisher James Gunn

It's important to note, however, that the tweet Gunn liked didn't defend Whedon but questioned Fisher's accusations given Whedon's history. 

About three hours after Fisher tweeted out his accusation, Gunn responded, confirming that the deletion of the tweet was automatic and had "nothing to do" with Fisher himself:

"ALL my tweets automatically delete every few months, Ray, it has nothing to do with my tweets to you."

Cyborg's Ray Fisher Off Target?

Ray Fisher wasn't the only DC star who has spoken out about Joss Whedon's behavior. 

Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot has also shared her own on-set experiences with the director. However, unlike Fisher, Gadot claimed that "the heads of Warner Bros., they took care of it..."

While it seems that Fisher had a different experience, or felt that the studio should've handled things differently, is clear. But the actor going after Gunn in this manner - and with clear evidence that the filmmaker's past tweets autodelete - isn't a good look for Fisher. 

It's made all the more glaring in light of Gunn having openly communicated with Fisher in the past about why he shouldn't have liked the tweet, to begin with. 

It's also worth noting James Gunn has a history of individuals sifting through his past social media posts to use against him. It's probably why he has this safety measure in place. 

Whether Gunn will respond or Fisher will address the mistake remains to be seen. But hopefully, Safran and Gunn's future DCU will lead to less controversy and a better legacy for the brand moving forward. 

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