Unhappy DC Fans Reject Black Adam, Unite to Get 'Bring Back Zack Snyder' Trending

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Black Adam, Justice League

Following the release of Zack Snyder's Justice League, there are countless diehard fans who want to see the Snyderverse continue to evolve. This is in spite of reports claiming that the new heads of Warner Bros. Discovery have no intention of reviving it or partnering with director Zack Snyder moving forward. 

Moreover, DC executive Jim Lee confirmed that "there's no plan for additional work" on the Snyderverse but admitted to feeling that Zack Snyder's Justice League "was a really satisfying story told." Despite that, fans are still campaigning for Snyder's comeback.

The attention then shifted to Black Adam when one of its promos featured footage from Joss Whedon's Justice League. After angry fan complaints, Warner Bros. Discovery then edited the trailer to remove the scene to avoid any mention of Whedon's canon work in the DCEU.

Now, amid mixed reactions from critics toward Black Adam, a surprising Twitter trend has emerged. 

DC Fans Want Zack Snyder Back, Starts Twitter Trend 

Black Adam, Justice League

Black Adam has officially premiered in most territories worldwide, but a plethora of DC fans appears to be not on board with the "new era" that the film ushered in. In the midst of that, the hashtag #BringBackZackSnyder has started trending on Twitter. 

The hashtag has 31,400+ tweets so far and counting:

Zack Snyder trending

Below are some of the notable tweets that support the idea of bringing back the DCEU filmmaker. 

@hellblazer1889 explained why Black Adam is an "excellent reason" for Warner Bros. Discovery to bring back Snyder: 

"#BLACKADAM is an excellent reason [Warner Bros. Discovery] needs to #BringBackZackSnyder

The movie sucks and DC is a complete mess without SnyderZack Snyder needs to be brought back to save DC."

@Signs2323 used The Rock's comments about listening to fans as a way to convince the studio to rehire Snyder to helm the DCEU again:

"If the new motto for DC is listen to the fans, as the Rock spoke about. We sure hope [Warner Bros. Discovery] does just that. The fans want Zack Snyder back because they love his work! #BringBackZackSnyder"

@Sumaira____  shared a screenshot of a Black Adam "public review" from a YouTube video showing fans holding a "Restore the Snyderverse" banner, further providing the demand for Snyder: 

"#BlackAdamMovie released a day early in India. Went to check [the] audience's review & this is the first thing I saw.  #BringBackZackSnyder #RestoreTheSnyderVerse @wbd"


@ShawnOfTheBat outright claimed that Superman was the "best part" of Black Adam while campaigning for Snyder's comeback: 

"Saying Black Adam is “Mid” is being generous. It was full of cheese & a kid teaching Black Adam how to superhero. It was like watching Shazam w/ a strong touch of WW84/BOP. Dr. Fate was cool, Hawkman was AIGHT. Superman was the best part. All I gotta say is #BringBackZackSnyder"

@rahool360 said that Black Adam is not a great start to DC's new era, noting that they need a "visionary" like Snyder to bring back its glory: 

"This start of [Warner Bros. Discovery] with black adam was not great, you need a visionary to put you back into the big league. He is right just #BringBackZackSnyder to #restorethesnyderverse"

@dhodzic17 called out Dwayne Johnson to work his magic to bring back Snyder so that diehard fans get to "see the rest of Darkseid's story:"

"hey [Dwayne Johnson] listen, I know fans have been loud, some even upset & a bit rude. we are all excited as [DC Comics] fans by #BlackAdam with Henry’s return, and hope you could work your magic to #BringBackZackSnyder we’d love to see the rest of Darkseid’s story #RestoreTheSnyderVerse"

@IGuessImLiti  didn't hold back when describing Black Adam as a "pretty bad" movie before saying that the studio needs to bring Snyder back already: 

#BlackAdam was pretty bad. Wow. Just bring back Zack already. Please. #BringBackZackSnyder

While @dcumoviepage admitted that the DCEU is "definitely back on track" with Black Adam, the user pointed out that the hierarchy of power will only change if Snyder returns: 

"The DCEU is definitely back on track with 'Black Adam', but the hierarchy will only change when Zack Snyder returns to finish ZSJL 2 & 3." #BringBackZackSnyder #RestoreTheSnyderverse

Will the SnyderVerse Continue?

At this stage, it is unknown if the SnyderVerse will continue, considering the recent shift in Warner Bros. Discovery's leadership. 

This latest Twitter trend could make some noise and potentially grab the attention of the studio, but it's likely that no concrete move will be done. Still, the effort of the SnyderVerse loyalists is commendable, and it further proves that the desire for Snyder's comeback is very much alive.  

It remains to be seen which version of Justice League is canon, especially after the recent edits that the studio made in one of Black Adam's promos. It seems that the "new era" that Black Adam ushered in will need to continue in order for everyone to find out. 

The presence of the Multiverse could be the key to addressing the issue of SnyderVerse diehards since it would allow Zack Snyder's vision to continue while still maintaining what Black Adam started. 

Hopefully, when the dust settles, the DCEU's new direction will benefit all parties involved.

Black Adam is now playing in theaters worldwide. 

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