Zack Snyder Cryptically Teases DC Announcement With Henry Cavill Superman Photo

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Following a string of cryptic teases, former DC director Zack Snyder hinted yet again at a DCEU announcement from the filmmaker. 

Snyder, who is best known for his divisive work with working on Warner Bros.' super-powered blue brand, has become a bit of a cult hero over the last half-decade, whether he likes it or not.

The filmmaker spawned a movement of fans eager to see anything DC-centric from the SnyderVerse. This started with Zack Snyder's Justice League and, with James Gunn taking over the DCU, has taken off into something else entirely (with a contingent of passionate fans wanting Warner to sell Sndyder's DC world to Netflix).

However, as slim as the odds of Snyder coming back for more DC action may be, the filmmaker continues to tease something to do with the franchise. 

Zack Snyder's DC Tease

Posting on his official Vero account, Zack Snyder teased something DC-related. 

MOS Vero 1
Zack Snyder

The filmmaker recently posted an image of Henry Cavill's superman with a cryptic caption describing the hero's journey:

“Life is a cycle, from birth to death to rebirth. And so the hero’s journey is a cycle as well. A continuous journey of growth and transformation.”

Along with this post came a set of dates from April 28-30, as well as the abbreviated titles for his three DC films, "MOS BVS ZSJL."

Snyder Vero 2
Zack Snyder

This comes just days after Snyder posted a video on social media that featured a voiceover from Zack Snyder's Justice League villain Darkseid.

While these posts have sent fans into a flurry of speculation, they are likely in relation to a convention the director is in the midst of planning, potentially showing his three DCEU films to fans. 

Snyder Vero 2
Zack Snyder

Snyder hosted a similar type of event back in 2019, showing three of his other films at a convention he dubbed Snyder Con.

The Snyder Movement Continues

In this time of uncertainty with the DCU and its past story, is Zack Snyder fanning the flames of speculation a bit posting like this online? Yes, yes he is. 

But he seems to know exactly what he is doing. It is pretty clear these teases are in relation to a fan event honoring the filmmaker and his DC films, which for those who are passionate about the SnyderVerse is an exciting prospect. 

For many of those enthusiastic Snyder fans online, the idea of gathering in one place for three days to watch Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Zack Snyder's Justice League is going to sound like a thrilling prospect.

And with it looking likely that Snyder's super-powered universe will not move forward in any way, with the director saying he is "having an amazing time" working on new not DC-related projects, this could be one of the last chances for fans to celebrate the work of a director they seem to hold so dearly. 

Zack Snyder's next film, Rebel Moon, is set to debut on Netflix this Christmas, kicking off a whole new Snyder-created universe for audiences to latch onto. 

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