DC's Rumored New Boss Pokes Fun at SnyderVerse Fans

By Sam Hargrave Posted:
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Director Zack Snyder was once poised to lead the DCEU after kicking it off with Man of Steel and delivering the first team-up with Batman v Superman. That was until his vision of 2017's Justice League fell apart due to studio interference, one that wouldn't be seen until it landed on HBO Max in 2021 after a viral campaign.

Even after the campaign to "Release the Snyder Cut" was finally satisfied four years later, the director's controversial fanbase showed no signs of slowing down. Viral calls across social media quickly emerged to "Restore the SnyderVerse" for good and continue the multi-chapter Nightmare storyline the director began.

The DCEU has since struggled to form any definitive vision for the future. But Warner Bros. Discovery is now determined to form a cohesive universe after a change of management. As part of that, DC Films will appoint a new team to oversee the franchise and create a 10-year plan going forward.

Producer Dan Lin, an avid DC fan who almost led the franchise over a decade ago, is reportedly the frontrunner for the top job. But unfortunately for some, Lin's appointment spells trouble for any potential SnyderVerse revival.

DC's Rumored New Boss Isn't a SnyderVerse Fan

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Reports recently surfaced to indicate that producer Dan Lin is in talks to lead to DC franchise going forward. Lin was almost given the keys to the DC kingdom back in 2008 when he was producing George Miller's Justice League Mortal, which ultimately never saw the light of day.

Speaking on The Ankler Hot Seat podcast in early August, Lin poked fun at fans of Zack Snyder's DC movies when discussing his aspirations to lead the franchise over a decade ago.

After discussing his disappointment that his DC leadership never came to be back in the day, the hosts joked that "those crazy SnyderVerse fans would have come after [him] at some point" if he had. Lin responded by calling Snyder enthusiasts "Autobots," in reference to the robotic Transformers protagonists. 

Bad News for 'RestoreTheSnyderVerse'

Dan Lin has yet to be appointed DC Films' new President, in fact, the last reports claimed an offer hasn't been made as there are still conflicts to resolve. However, there is plenty to suggest why he would be an excellent choice due to his producing experience, DC fandom, and clear interest in the job.

But with Lin's recent comments referring to "the things [he] wanted to do with DC," all signs indicate he wants to forge his own path and story. So, between that and his apparent dislike for the SnyderVerse fandom, all of this spells trouble for the ongoing movement to Restore the SnyderVerse.

As unfortunate as it may be that the Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Justice League director never got to finish the story he started, the time for that has passed. DC has now moved on in a new direction, one that ought to be established soon in The Flash and other projects.

Snyder currently has several projects of his own in the works, including the sci-fi epic Rebel Moon, Planet of the Dead, and The Fountainhead, which is currently on hold for the time being. With so much in the pipeline since the director signed a two-year deal with Netflix, any DC work would struggle to fit into his schedule. 

But as recent reports indicate that Warner Bros. regrets releasing Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max, the odds of a revival were always low. Not to mention, a DC executive already revealed the studio has no plans for any continuation of the director's work.

Zack Snyder's Justice League is streaming now on HBO Max.