Zack Snyder Breaks Silence on Warner Bros.' SnyderVerse Sale Claims

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In a new interview, Zack Snyder recently commented on fans' desire to see the SnyderVerse sold to a different studio.

It’s an outcome a loud minority of his fans seem to really want (many of which could easily be bots). The suggestion is for Warner Bros. to sell or lend its most important rights to Netflix, who Snyder currently has a deal with so that he can finish the soon-to-be deceased DCEU.

Those voices have only amplified over the last week or two thanks to Snyder unveiling a big event celebrating his work. The filmmaker announced that Zack Snyder’s Justice League would be screening in an IMAX theater on April 30 in Pasadena, California. Ahead of that date, both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman will get their own screenings on April 28 and 29.

Many hope this big screening event will help convince the powers that be to properly wrap up his DCEU.

Zach Snyder Responds to SnyderVerse Sales Campaign

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While speaking with The Film Junkee on YouTube, DCEU architect Zack Snyder addressed campaigns for Warner Bros. (WB) to sell the SnyderVerse to Netflix so it can continue.

Snyder admitted that his “influence over those things is very small:”

“(shrugs) [What’s] probably amazing to learn is that my influence over those things is very small.”

The filmmaker went on to share how “that’s not [his] role,” saying that having control over the IP is "above his paygrade:"

“… The truth is, I mean, it would be amazing if… Whatever control over the IP that exists, I don’t… That’s not my part, that’s not my role. That’s, as they say, above my pay grade… "

Snyder made sure to emphasize, though, that everyone at Warner Bros. has been “incredible” in supporting the screenings for his upcoming Full Circle event:

"But I would say, look… I’ll say one thing: Warner Bros., as far as this screening/event is concerned, have been incredible. This group is now beyond, beyond kind, and caring, and personal, and it’s been amazing working with them, so I have no complaints. Beyond that, as far as the creative goes and what they’re planning, I have honestly been busy shooting this movie. I have no idea what they’re up to.”

Zack Snyder previously did acknowledge the movement to get his SnyderVerse bought out by a studio like Netflix, simply liking a post on Vero that promoted the #SellSnyderVerseToNetflix campaign.

Netflix & the Justice League Are Not Happening

To put it frankly, the campaign by fans asking WB to sell the SnyderVerse to Netflix is embarrassing.

That’s simply not how it works, and it’s never going to happen. There’s no world where Warner Bros. would lend their most valuable rights over to Netflix to have a parallel competing cinematic universe.

It’s time that Snyder’s loud fanbase to move on. At least all of those films happened in the first place—and there are even two more films to look forward to in The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Hopefully, when James Gunn properly launches this new DCU, it’ll land perfectly, and the discourse surrounding the SnyderVerse will only get quieter and quieter.

For Snyder fans, the director is currently hard at work on his next epic over at Netflix called Rebel Moon. He’s hyped it up several times, and it’s clear the project is important to him.

One can only hope that everything goes smoother for Snyder this time around.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is now streaming on HBO Max.

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