DC's Darkseid Actor Speaks Out After Reboot Announcement

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As DC is poised for a reboot, the DCEU's Darkseid actor from Zack Snyder's Justice League shared that he is "grateful" for his time with the franchise. 

In 2013, Zack Snyder began a new era of the DCEU with Man of Steel, ultimately leading to a Justice League movie. Although his departure during the development of the team-up film affected its final cut, Snyder still managed to eventually release his version in 2021 with the help of a passionate grassroots campaign from fans. 

One of the characters that played a prominent role in the SnyderVerse is Darkseid, voiced by Ray Porter. Although the iconic DC villain only managed to have a staredown with the Justice League in the Snyder Cut, his mere presence was enough to drum up hype for his future appearances. 

Unfortunately, such a moment for the DCEU's Darkseid will not be replicated anymore due to the upcoming reboot. 

DCEU's Villain Actor Pays Tribute to Darkseid 

Following the announcement that Henry Cavill will not return as Superman in the DCU's reboot, voice actor Ray Porter shared a new image of Darkseid with the caption, "just grateful." 

This could indicate that there's a strong chance that he will not return to voice the DC villain in James Gunn and Peter Safran's brand-new DCU. 


When @mononisraeluc responded, "I give up," to Porter, the SnyderVerse actor messaged back with a hopeful statement saying, "Don’t. Don’t ever."

Porter then continued with his reassuring remarks about not giving up, noting that "letting go is also entirely appropriate if circumstances call for that:"

"Being sad about something is okay. Letting go is also entirely appropriate if circumstances call for that. But giving up? No. Might just be choice of words but it matters. Grieve, mourn, cry, whatever. But no despair. No loss of hope."

Before the reboot announcement, during his guesting with Geek House Show via CBR, Porter held up his hand in the shape of a phone to tell the new CEOs of DC Studios (Gunn & Safran) to call him after the interviewer pointed out that fans "want our Darkseid to be back to the DCU."

Amy Adams, who portrayed Lois Lane in the SnyderVerse, also addressed the possibility of returning to the newly-minted DCU, but sadly, the creatives at Warner Bros. “haven’t spoken to (her) about it.”

When asked if she wants Lois to come back, Adams shared her support for whatever direction the studio goes, whether they bring her back for the role or not:

Variety: “Lois coming back?”
Adams: “They haven’t spoken to me about it.”
Variety: “Do you want Lois to come back?”
Adams: “I mean, if it’s me, great. If it’s somebody else, the role of Lois has been filled by so many wonderful actresses in the past, so I’ll support whatever direction they go.”

The SnyderVerse Had a Good Run

Ray Porter's emotional tribute to Darkseid further solidified his passion for his DC role despite his shortlived portrayal. 

The veteran actor's words of encouragement toward the diehard SnyderVerse fan is also a perfect example of how to pacify unhappy DC fans.

Porter's run as Darkseid has had its fair share of ups and downs, considering that the villain was only seen in Zack Snyder's Justice League. Still, fans and critics highly praised the actor's performance, leaving everyone to wonder if he will return for more appearances. 

However, Porter's latest string of tweets, combined with the DC reboot news, is the final nail in Darkseid's DCEU coffin. 

Still, the SnyderVerse had a good run, and the franchise will be remembered by iconic moments from its slate and the incredible performances (such as from Porter) of its stellar ensemble. 

At this point, the only way is to move forward. 

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