Justice League’s Ray Fisher Celebrates DC Films’ Boss Departure

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For more than two years, the public battle between Cyborg star Ray Fisher and former President of DC Films Walter Hamada has been a consistent story across the news stream. Since Fisher first accused Justice League director Joss Whedon of abuse on set in July 2020 and claimed that Hamada allowed that abuse to happen, he's continued to bring up his issues with the studio as he seeks true justice for what allegedly happened to him and his co-stars.

Following nearly every new announcement or event that featured Warner Bros. Discovery, Fisher made sure that he reiterated his contempt with Hamada and everything that happened under the executive's watch. Most recently, after reports claimed that Hamada strongly considered leaving his position after Batgirl's cancelation, Fisher was right there to call him out for already being on his way out of the job in the first place.

Now, Hamada has officially left the company following the merger with Discovery, leaving the future of the overarching DC Universe in question once again from a leadership perspective. And, as has been the case since the early days of the pandemic, Ray Fisher has shared his thoughts on the latest update to the Hamada saga.

Ray Fisher Celebrates Walter Hamada Exit

Ray Fisher, Cyborg, Warner Bros.

Cyborg actor Ray Fisher took to Twitter to comment on Walter Hamada's exit from his position as the president of DC Films following Warner Bros.' merger with Discovery.

After spending most of the last two years calling out Hamada for the misconduct he seemingly allowed to happen at WBD, Fisher once again commented on how the former executive "tried to bury [Fisher]" and lie about what happened. In the end, he celebrated Hamada's exit and expressed hope to never see anything like this happen again

Walter Hamada tried to protect his toxic and discriminatory colleagues. 

He failed. 

He tried to bury me (and the Justice League investigation) with lies in the trades. 

He failed. 

He is a product of old Hollywood cronyism. 

May we never experience his like again. 



Fisher had similar comments when former Warner Bros. president Toby Emmerich left the company, saying that the departure meant that "better days are surely ahead."

Will This Mark Change for Fisher and DC?

Ray Fisher has made no effort to hide his feelings about Walter Hamada, consistently making sure that fans knew the actor's feelings about what took place under the executive's watch. Therefore, it's no surprise to see Fisher celebrating Hamada's exit from Warner Bros. Discovery following the merger.

Looking at the big picture is a murky endeavor with regard to the greater DC Universe, with only a couple of movies confirmed for release over the next couple of years. But now, that question becomes even more confusing with the chance that Ray Fisher could be open to a return as Cyborg with Hamada out of the picture.

The bottom line is that the company has plenty of retooling to do even without any official word from Fisher on whether he would return to play Cyborg again, something he considered leaving behind completely during Hamada's tenure. And while this surely may not be the last fans hear from Fisher about his issues with the studio, this chapter has at least come to an end.

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