Justice League's Ray Fisher Throws Shade at DC Films Boss With Savage The Boys Reference

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Ray Fisher, Cyborg, The Boys

While DC might not make another Justice League movie for some time, the team remains in the spotlight thanks to Cyborg star Ray Fisher's battle against Warner Bros. In July 2020, Fisher first unleashed his tirade against President of DC Films Walter Hamada and former Justice League director Joss Whedon, and he hasn't let up for a moment in the time since then.

Following the initial outburst against Whedon, Fisher provided some more details on the matter by claiming that he was the subject of abuse on the set of Justice League, much of it reportedly being racist. Even though Fisher has kept up the fight against Hamada and Whedon for most of the past two years, there were seemingly no major changes after Warner Bros. conducted an official investigation on the matter.

Partly due to those results, Fisher has repeatedly come after Warner Bros. for their reported misdoings, most recently celebrating a changing of the guard in Warner Bros.' upper management during the merger with Discovery. In the latest development, the Cyborg actor has gone a little more topical with his social media activity, now using one of the most popular superhero shows in the game outside of the Marvel and DC worlds.

Ray Fisher Uses The Boys to Chide WB

Ray Fisher, Cyborg, Warner Bros

Former DCEU actor Ray Fisher took to Twitter to shade Warner Bros' President of DC Films Walter Hamada with a post from an official account for Amazon Prime's The Boys. This post came from the Vought International page, which is the fictional company that sponsors the core group of superheroes in The Boys, who operate under the name The Seven.

The account posted a letter from the team's leader, Anthony Starr's Homelander, condemning team member Starlight for a recent livestream on social media in the series. Starlight, whose real name is Annie January, was subsequently released from the team and put into an extremely negative public spotlight after her relationship with Homelander ended. 

The letter came with the caption "A statement from Homelander and Vought regarding Starlight’s recent Instagram Live:"

The recent accusations made by Annie January, codename Starlight, on a recent social media livestream in no way reflect Vought International as a whole.

Vought assures our shareholders that we will use the full power of the American Legal System to fight these spurious allegations. We can also confirm that January has been terminated, and her status as co-captain of The Seven rescinded, effective immediately.

January is a glory hound who became hysterical with rage after Homelander ended their relationship. Sadly, her crazed jealousy has boiled over into insurrectionist territory and has made a reconciliation impossible. We ultimately regret making January a member of The Seven.

Our goal is, and always will be: the advancement of the American people and the expansion of liberty across the world.

For America,


Fisher shared this post on his own page along with the caption, calling the letter "The Hamada Special. Classic…" while including a "laughing" emoji.

The Boys has also used its own plot to reference the situation, introducing an in-universe movie that paid direct homage to the story behind the Snyder Cut becoming a thing in the real world.

The Boys Meets Justice League Scandal

While The Boys is never a show to shy away from the not-so-clean side of superhero storytelling, even poking fun at other franchises at times, Fisher clearly sees something of value in the message from this post. He sees the ties between himself and Erin Moriarty's Annie January as two people who spoke out against something wrong and are now at the center of controversy thanks to Walter Hamada and Homelander, respectively.

Once again, Fisher channels his frustrations directly at Hamada, as he has done countless times over the past couple of years, making it unmistakable that his feelings towards the matter have not changed.

This may be the first time that Fisher has used The Boys specifically to get his complaints about Warner Bros. out to the public, although the show uses plenty of corruption in its own storyline that could connect to Fisher's issues. Whether the actor uses the show again on social media is unknown, but it becomes yet another tool in his arsenal as he keeps expressing his anger and frustration with the studio that he feels wronged him.

Season 3 of The Boys is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Zack Snyder's Justice League will be available for purchase digitally on July 19.

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