Warner Bros. Loses Controversial DC Films Boss Amid Kevin Feige-Like Leader Search

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Ever since the chaotic disaster behind the production of Justice League, the DCEU has arguably been in a state of disarray. Not only have many projects such as The Flash faced constant delays and behind-the-scenes problems, but legendary heroes like Superman and Batman have been absent for almost five years.

During this period in which the franchise has persistently been the subject of controversy for its direction and quality, DC Films president Walter Hamada sat at the helm. Among his most unpopular actions was his interference in the investigation surrounding misconduct on the Justice League set, which spurred Cyborg actor Ray Fisher to depart the franchise and speak out against Hamada.

Recent months have seen major shake-ups at Warner Bros. since the merger with Discovery led to the appointment of a new CEO, David Zaslav. As part of his mission to get DC back on track, Zaslav will develop a ten-year plan for the franchise and appoint a figure like Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to lead it.

At one point, producer Dan Lin was the frontrunner to replace Hamada as DC Films president, although those talks ultimately fell through. In the month that has passed since Lin removed himself from contention to lead the franchise, no other candidates have been reported and DC seems no closer to finding a new boss.

Now, as the search continues to find DC's own Kevin Feige figurehead, Hamada departed the franchise, leaving his position wide open for the taking.

According to Deadline, DC Films President Walter Hamada departed his position at Warner Bros. after four years leading the superhero franchise. Hamada left the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, California, and is currently waiting for executives to finalize his departing payout.

The DC Films President was supposedly aware for some time that his days at the studio were numbered, as he becomes the fifth major executive to depart since David Zaslav took over as CEO. The Warner Bros. Discovery CEO is said to be searching for a Kevin Feige-like figure to replace Hamada and lead DC Films.

Hamada has previously been reported to have agreed to remain in his post until Black Adam hits theaters on October 21 - which comes in just two days' time at the time of writing. The DC Films President's exit follows the cancellation of HBO Max's Batgirl, a decision he was said to have been unhappy with.

DC's Search for Its Own Kevin Feige Continues

With Walter Hamada having been expected to depart from DC Films around the time of Black Adam's release, news of his exit should come as no surprise. But as Warner Bros. has yet to find its Kevin Feige to replace Hamada, DC Films is now left without a long-term boss, with other executives likely to fill in for the interim.

Since Dwayne Johnson has been promising Black Adam will kickstart a new fan-focused era for the DCEU, Hamada's departure comes at the perfect time. Whoever replaces the existing president will have the chance to oversee this new chapter from the beginning and manage its overall direction.

Now, Warner Bros. is likely to dial up its search for Hamada's now-vacant position in order to fill that void as soon as possible. Ever since talks with Dan Lin fell through, there have been no signs of any other emerging candidates, with the studio having a tough time finding anyone willing to take the job.

One can only wonder whether Hamada being gone may also open up the doors to Ray Fisher returning as Cyborg, having originally left the franchise due to Hamada. Just as Henry Cavill's Superman now appears to be returning to the DCEU for the first time since Justice League, perhaps Fisher's Cyborg will soon join him.

Black Adam will be the next DC release as it hits theaters on Friday, October 21.

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