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The Mandalorian: Disney Releases Plot Details For Episode 3 of Season 2

The Child, Chapter 11
By Andrew Gilman

Last week, things got hairy for Mando and the Child. From the first sequence to the credits, Din Djarin was knocked down by unpredictable adversaries and had to rely on his skills to survive while keeping eggs out of Baby Yoda's mouth. After getting the Razor Crest into a flyable state, Mando was off to find fellow Mandalorians and the promise of a greater journey.

"Chapter 10: The Passenger" was more of an 'adventure of the week' kind of episode, but it was party of a story arc that will continue into "Chapter 11". With Mando finally back on track, the story will push our hero further along his quest. His path has been far from easy, but a new episode description reveals that Mando may encounter some new friends...


A new episode description for The Mandalorian "Chapter 11" has been shared by IMDB :

The Mandalorian braves high seas and meets unexpected allies.


Well, we got it completely wrong last week . The word "ferry" made it easy to assume that Mando would be accompanying his client on the boat ride depicted in the trailers, but the missing detail was that Mrs. Frog would join the fold on Tatooine. With the events of "Chapter 10" now behind us, it's safe to say that our previous prediction will likely unfold in "Chapter 11" instead.

One of the biggest questions that emerged following Season 2's trailer debut was the identity of Sasha Banks' character. The mysterious hooded figure that observed Mando at the docks is a strong contender for one of the "unexpected allies" referenced by the episode description, and there's a good chance she's a Mandalorian - with others of her kind close by.

The need for such unexpected allies suggests that Mando will once again find himself in trouble, but with whom or what remains to be seen. Could Moff Gideon be making his first appearance of the season in "Chapter 11"? Or perhaps more bounty hunters will be appearing to steal Din Djarin's charge?

With new friends joining the fray, it seems like Season 2's story is really beginning to ramp up. We've still yet to see Cara Dune and Greef Karga, but their returns don't seem to be in the cards this episode, unless the story takes us to Nevarro. When things get mysterious in Star Wars, it's a good thing. Answers to our speculations are coming, but it's likely that more questions will arise.