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Justice League: Ben Affleck Shares New Image of Batman In-Action From Zack Snyder Cut

Ben Affleck on left with Batman on right
By Pierre Chanliau

In celebration of the release of both the third anniversary of Justice League and the release of a newly revised trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League , a hashtag was started called #UsUnited, which also promoted the Autumn Snyder Tribute Fund . Cinematographer Fabian Wagner began posting behind-scene-photos from the initial production of Justice League in 2016. The actors even began sharing images of Snyder's cut of Justice League accompanied by the hashtag.

Ben Affleck hung up the cape years ago after struggling through a divorce and alcoholism, but Affleck seems to have bounced back spectacularly. Affleck is even returning to play his Batman in The Flash alongside Ezra Miller and Michael Keaton . There was even a rumor of executives of HBO Max offering Ben Affleck a show as the Dark Knight.

Affleck was recently confirmed to have filmed new scenes for Zack Snyder's Justice League, and the actor is now participating in the #UsUnited promotion.


Ben Affleck joined his other co-stars by posting an image from Zack Snyder's Justice League on his Instagram . Affleck did not include any comment, just "#UsUnited."

The image shows Batman wearing his Tactical Batsuit and using one of the Parademons' weapons against them.

Ben Affleck Batman Justice League UsUnited
From @benaffleck on Instagram


Ben Affleck also made posts on his Twitter account using the #UsUnited hashtag promoting the new trailer and the Autumn Snyder Tribute Fund . It's nice to see Ben Affleck continuing to be involved with the DCEU while also pushing a good charity and support for mental health. As far as whether this is indicative of further involvement with Warner Bros. beyond The Flash is still uncertain, but it doesn't hurt the prospect of Ben Affleck that offer up with HBO Max.

Again, it isn't certain whether or not Ben Affleck will fully return as Bruce Wayne, especially since part of Affleck's agreement returning as Batman in The Flash was him being allowed to make revisions to the script. Additionally, it seems that Affleck's role in The Flash , while important, doesn't seem to be bigger than Michael Keaton's "substantial" role in the upcoming solo film.

Only time will tell if Ben Affleck decides to stick around. As the initial rumor said, "the ball is in his court."