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The Flash Movie Director Teases 'Surprise' for DC FanDome

The Flash Movie, DC Fandome
By Matt Roembke

DC FanDome is right around the corner, and the momentum of the comic book movie world is about to shift to the big blue brand with the future of the DCEU. 

For the past several months, Marvel Studios has released project after project that has dominated the news cycle every week. With the introduction of Disney+ and Phase Four of the MCU fully engaged, there have been more than twice the amount of Marvel projects as there have been DC.

Now all eyes are on DC Fandome to start the clock on what is sure to be a packed 2022 for the DC Extended Universe. 

There are a variety of big-name projects set to headline the online DC showcase, but none have more weight behind it than The Flash.

After years of production setbacks, script changes, and pandemic-ridden schedule delays, Andy Muschietti is set to lead the charge for one of the most anticipated DC movies of all time. While Barry Allen has been a polarizing character in the DCEU, his first solo film, alongside not one but two Batmen, is expected to make waves for the entire extended universe

Fans knew The Flash would be a highlight of the second annual DC FanDome event, but The Muschietti's took to Instagram to tease that there might be a few surprises for The Fastest Man Alive. 

Scarlett Speedster Surpises on Saturday

DC FanDome's schedule has confirmed that the event will dedicate time to highlighting The Flash and debuting a featurette that will offer the best look yet at the upcoming film. Bits and pieces of this featurette have been leaked online, but there is still much to be learned about this apex film in the DCEU. 

Director Andy Muschietti starred in a video posted by his sister Barbara Muschietti (a producer on the film), hinting that he and The Flash team "have a little surprise" for fans of the Crimson Comet:

"Andy Muschietti, Director of The Flash. We are here in Leavesden near London finishing production for The Flash. And we have a little surprise for you. Saturday October 16. Go check out the times and enjoy. Me and this guy [Barry Allen] are going to be waiting for you."

Barbara Muschietti also posted a picture posing with the Scarlet Speedster himself, albeit in toy form:

Barbara Muschietti with The Flash
@barbaramus on Instagram

DC FanDome is a free online event offering first looks at the upcoming DC projects, spotlights on the universe's biggest names, and a guarantee for surprises to shock and amaze the fans. The event will be held on October 16.

Barry Allen Is The Key

Last year, Warner Bros. Studios led the charge for the comic book movie world, looking to adapt the convention experience to the interwebs. DC FanDome was a first-of-its-kind virtual event that allowed complete access for the general populous to get a first look at all the new and exciting things coming to the DC Extended Universe. 

Year Two is bound to be less extravagant than the two-day premiere event, but regardless, it will be loaded with content that will awaken the sleeping giant that is the DC Universe. While there have been triumphs in the year 2021 such as Zack Snyder's Justice League and The Suicide Squad, this calendar has been dominated by Marvel and DC is ready to get back in the hype game.

Even though projects like The Batman, Black Adam, and Aquaman 2 are all huge pulls for the event, The Flash potentially has more firepower than all three combined. Barry Allen's first solo film, the return of the legendary Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, and Ben Affleck getting back into the cape and cowl are enough to put this movie at the top of the anticipation list everywhere.

Oh yeah... Sasha Calle's Supergirl is also set to make her debut

With so much ammunition to break the Internet, a featurette could probably do the trick and create electricity in the air. The Muschietti duo made sure to prepare the audience for an extra dose of The Flash, so fans will undoubtedly want to tune in for whatever big reveal is in store.

The hype was already there, and this is just a sweet little bit of extra fuel being added to the fire. 

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