Pennyworth Season 2: Infant Batman on the Way to DC Show

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The popularity of Batman among many fans led to numerous stories that have been widely explored in various forms of media. The movies served as the predominant medium in telling those stories, as evidenced by the continued rise of films centered on the Dark Knight. On top of that, other characters from Batman lore have also had a chance to be front and center in their own series', including the likes of Harley Quinn, Jim Gordon ( Gotham ), and Batwoman .

The most recent character who received his own series is Alfred Pennyworth . Last year, Epix launched Pennyworth , which follows Alfred's journey to becoming Bruce Wayne's trusted butler. The standalone prequel series revealed the story of how Alfred was discovered by the Wayne family while also exploring the character's past military career.

The inaugural season of Pennyworth received critical acclaim , leading to the show being renewed for a second season . With the first season ending with a massive cliffhanger, fans had a lot of questions coming into the much-anticipated sophomore run of the series. Now, the show's recent panel from DC FanDome revealed a surprising addition to the growing cast.


During the Pennyworth panel from DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse, it was revealed by executive producer Bruno Heller that Martha Kane will be pregnant at some point during the upcoming season of the hit Epix show. This means that an infant Bruce Wayne will soon arrive.


While the events of the season one finale of Pennyworth may have distanced the titular character from the Wayne family a bit further, it appears that the upcoming sophomore season will stay close to the source material as evidenced by the growing list of guest stars that will be involved. It was previously revealed that Lucius Fox will be featured in a "big way" during the events of the second season, and this plot point about Martha Kane being pregnant could entirely change the outlook of the show moving forward.

With the imminent arrival of an infant Bruce Wayne, there's a chance that Alfred's employment as the Wayne family's butler will happen sooner rather than later. In a way, this could also mean that Alfred will finally land in Gotham since the setting of the first season was mostly in London.

It still remains a mystery on when Martha Kane's pregnancy will be unveiled during the sophomore season, but there's a chance that it will play out during the latter half or even the season finale to hype up a potential third season. Still, the reference to Bruce Wayne is hard to ignore, and Pennyworth has all the narrative elements to produce a captivating tribute to the character that will be the Caped Crusader in the future.

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