Pennyworth Season 2 Set to Feature Lucius Fox in 'Big Way'

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Epix's Pennyworth prequel series was a surprising hit in the eyes of many fans and critics . The show follows the origin story of the Wayne family's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, before being brought into the fold of Bruce's heroic adventures.

The inauguaral season explored the military background of Alfred while also diving into the story of how he met Thomas and Martha Wayne in the process. The show has been renewed for a second season , and it left fans with many questions than answers.

Now, the executive producer of the show has shared an interesting addition to the growing cast of the series.


While answering a fan question about the sophomore run of the show during DC FanDome, Pennyworth creator and executive producer Bruno Heller revealed that Lucius Fox will join the show during the midseason of the sophomore run. Heller mentioned that the character will come in "a big way" and he will be " pivotal in turning the story around :"

The big Batman mythology character that we are going to meet this season is Lucius Fox which is veryy exciting. Not cast yet, but he comes in midseason, and uhm, comes in a big way and is pivotal in turning the story around.


Pennyworth ’s first season ended on an intriguing note, and it’s curious to see how a character like Lucius Fox fits into the overall narrative. To recap, the show ended with Alfred saving the Queen of England from a political civil war between two factions named Raven Society and the No Name League, ultimately killing his own father during the final moments. As a result, this story element further distanced the character from the Waynes and moving to Gotham in general.

Based on Heller's comments, the introduction of Lucius into the second season will be pivotal in turning the story around. On the surface, this could potentially mean that the character's debut could steer the direction of Alfred's adventures into the city of Gotham. This is pure speculation at this point, but this theory makes sense since it gives a reason for Alfred to make his way into the iconic city.

Part of the fun of telling a prequel story like Pennyworth is the opportunity of fleshing out known characters from the Batman lore. The first season gave fans an opportunity to witness the growth of important characters from Bruce Wayne's life such as his parents and Alfred himself. Adding Lucius to the mix will definitely add to the excitement and intrigue about finding out how this particular character came to be before being an integral part into the life of the Dark Knight.

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