Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson Reveals Cut Justice Society Member

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Hawkgirl, The Rock

DC FanDome, Warner Brothers' completely virtual convention event, brought in an influx of new information on many highly anticipated DC projects like The Flash , The Batman , and The Suicide Squad . One of the more exciting panels, however, was for Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam film. A long-awaited passion project for Johnson, Black Adam had been in-development for years, with not much known about the film other than its titular star.

Just yesterday though, DC FanDome finally gave everyone some news about the supervillain film. Black Adam is going to be introducing the Justice Society to the big screen as the villain's adversaries, with a team consisting of Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher. And now, Dwayne Johnson has revealed that another iconic DC superhero was originally supposed to be included in that JSA's roster.


In response to a fan's question on Twitter that asked Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson about not including Hawkgirl in the film's Justice Society lineup, Johnson stated :


It looks like the high-flying power couple from Thanagar was supposed to be going toe-to-talon with Black Adam after all. After revealing that Hawkman would be part of Black Adam 's Justice Society, fans of Hawkgirl were likely wondering why the filmmakers decided to include lesser-known superheroes like Cyclone instead of the more popular winged heroine.

While Dwayne Johnson did not say much about the exact reasons Hawkgirl was not allowed to be in the film, he shared just enough to spark some serious speculation. It seems as if the decision to not include Hawkgirl was out of Black Adam 's hands. Warner Brothers could have quite possibly given the order to go with another hero, as superhero film studios are known for nixing characters from certain projects when there are other plans in motion.

Perhaps there's a Hawkgirl film in early stages of development, or maybe the character is being used in a much larger role for another DC film or television series. Given that Hawkgirl was included in the highly popular Justice League animated series for years, fans of the character are surely yearning to see the hero make her silver screen debut, and there's no doubt Warner Brothers is waiting for the perfect way to do so.

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