Dwayne Johnson Reveals New DCEU Crossover Plan With Joker, Justice League & More

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DC’s latest live-action movie Black Adam is poised to breathe new life into the franchise and move it in bold new directions, or so star Dwayne Johnson claims.

Early reactions point to the film not being the blockbuster megahit that Warner Bros. was perhaps expecting it to be. Still, this has not deterred Johnson from tirelessly championing the movie and making a ton of lofty promises regarding the future of the DCEU.

Promises which mainly amount to crossovers with other popular DC heroes, like Superman and the rest of the Justice League. In fact, many have speculated that Dwayne Johnson has settled into an advisory role at DC with the studio seeming to be banking on his star power and the potential success of Black Adam. And now, the actor has made his plans and ambitions a little clearer.

Dwayne Johnson Wants Major DCEU Crossovers

Black Adam, Shazam, Wonder Woman

Speaking to EstoEs Combo on YouTube for the Black Adam press tour, Dwayne Johnson hyped up the film, revealing that with the future of the DCEU slate, at least as it pertains to Adam, the actor is able to “call the plays and those plays are going to be run.” Johnson also spoke on the opening of the floodgates when it comes to DC crossovers with his character.

“Here’s why it was a good thing we waited 10 years because, I’m in a different position than I was 10 years ago, about the time when we first met, I’m in a different position. I can call the plays and those plays are going to be run today. 10 years ago was a little different. I could suggest the plays. It’s not the same, but that’s the fun part about being in this world of DC and the love that I have. I’ve been a DC boy and I’m still a DC boy. To be in this position now and to be able to run the plays in the way that we see appropriate to build out the DC Universe and man, most important thing: listen to the fans. The fans will always guide you where you need to go and that’s the new era I talk about in the DC Universe. And in the DC Universe, they haven’t always listened to the fans in the past. Well, things are different. With Black Adam, things are different. So that’s why we can introduce the JSA. That’s why in Black Adam, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, they all coexist in our world. Black Adam’s not over here and the Joker’s over here and, you know, Justice League is over here. In our world, they all exist. Because ideally in my mind, it’s a little crazy, they all cross paths, because the fans want that. And there’s a good creative way that we could figure that out.“

Johnson further explained that seemingly no DC character is off the table.

“They all cross paths. I love Superman. I love Superman, I have a passion for Superman, but I love Black Adam more. And I also know that Black Adam is blessed with the powers almost that of Superman that will make for a great collision one day. So again, Black Adam colliding with all of these characters in the DC Universe, we come to the table with that open mind. So if you said to me Suicide Squad, I say yes. Justice League, I say yes. You name them, you open up the book…”

When asked if Black Adam could even meet the Super-Pets, Johnson replied with a resounding “Yes!”

It All Hinges on Black Adam

Johnson may have all these grand plans for the DCEU, and while he may have good intentions, the bottom mine is this: If Black Adam doesn’t turn an acceptable profit, all these designs are likely dead in the water.

Not only does Johnson wish to cross over with the Justice League and Suicide Squad, but there are also reportedly spin-offs in early development for the characters in Black Adam. The movie features the team of superheroes known as the Justice Society, and it stands to reason that WB might wish to capitalize on some of those heroes.

As mentioned above, some reactions to Black Adam have been quite positive, while others are decidedly mixed. It remains to be seen how the film fares at the box office, especially with Marvel Studios releasing thier hotly-anticipated Black Panther sequel a few weeks after Adam.

DC’s Black Adam opens in theaters on Friday, October 21.

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