Avengers vs. Justice League? Dwayne Johnson Teases Superhero Team-Up Plans

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Dwayne Johnson, Justice League vs. Avengers

As has been said on many an occasion by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, "the hierarchy of the DC Universe is about to change," which will start next year with his solo feature Black Adam. After going through development hell for more than a decade, DC fans finally have the chance to build substantial hype to see the immensely powerful anti-hero in action in less than a year.

While Warner Bros. still has plenty of work to complete in the post-production department, the studio gave fans the first full look at Johnson in his latest blockbuster role as he unleashed hell on his enemies. There likely won't be a full Black Adam trailer for some time with nearly nine months until the film debuts, although The Rock is sure to be giving teases at any opportunity.

Currently, the former megastar wrestler is making his way through press rounds for his latest movie, Red Notice, in which he teams up with fellow DC Extended Universe star Gal Gadot after her run in Zack Snyder's Justice League. In his latest interview from the film's premiere, Johnson teased the potential of their powerful beings finding themselves beside each other in the DCEU's narrative, not to mention a new Avengers member as well.

Black Adam Meets Wonder Woman...And More?

Marvel And DC
Marvel & DC

In an interview with Variety from the red carpet event for Netflix's Red Notice, Dwayne Johnson teased the possibility of a DCEU crossover between his Black Adam and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman.

With both actors appearing in Red Notice, Johnson appeared excited about the potential of these characters crossing over into one movie, even bringing their other co-star Ryan Reynolds into the mix as well. With Reynolds notably playing Marvel's Deadpool, Johnson expressed a desire to see all three heroes appear together in some form in the future:

"I think there’s a crossover with Black Adam, Wonder Woman. What we were just talking about today was, you know, I turned to Ryan and Gal and I said there should be a crossover, Marvel and the DC Universe, and we could be the ones that possibly make it happen, so we’ll see, we’ll see down the road.

With Warner Bros. holding the rights to DC's Justice League and Disney serving as the parent company for Marvel's Avengers, there are no rumors of plans for a potential crossover at this time.

Johnson, Gadot, and Reynolds Walk Into a Comic Book Movie

Putting the legalities and character rights issues aside, Dwayne Johnson has his hand firmly on the pulse of the comic book movie fandom. Looking at how the Justice League and the Avengers are the two most iconic superhero teams in the game, he understands how much fans enjoy tackling this hypothetical mega event.

At the same event, Ryan Reynolds teased the idea of Marvel and DC crossing over with his Deadpool alongside Johnson and Gadot, should the opportunity ever arise. This would be an event of epic proportions if Disney and Warner Bros. felt so inclined to bring the two franchises together, although, in all reality, it's something closer to a pipe dream than an actual probability.

Whether it happens or not, Johnson clearly understands his new role in the superhero movie-verse alongside genre veterans like Gadot and Reynolds. Black Adam could very well end up interacting with Gadot's Wonder Woman should the circumstances call for it, although it will be some time until a mash-up of that magnitude manifests itself.

Black Adam is set to debut in theaters on July 29, 2022.

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