DC League of Super-Pets: Hilarious New Scene Shows Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart's Animated Heroes

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When someone thinks of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Black Adam. The film has been a passion project of his which has only just got off the ground and finished its production a few months ago.

While that may be the role he's known for over the next few years, there's one that may not surprise people: Kryto. Yes, that's right––Dwayne Johnson will be playing Superman's dog.

Not in live-action, however, but in an upcoming DC Animated film. The project, DC League of Super-Pets, features plenty of other all-star names, including Kevin Hart, Diego Luna, and John Krasinski.

While the film has only been talked about, fans now finally have a look at some other animal characters set to join Krypto.

DC League of Super-Pets Unveils New Photos

A brand-new look at Dwayne Johnson's upcoming animated DC League of Super-Pets film has been revealed at 2021's DC FanDome.


The Rock, Kryto, Super-Pets, DC, DCU

The first photo is Dwayne Johnson's Krypto, Superman's dog.

The Rock, Kryto, Super-Pets, DC, DCU

Next is Kevin Hart's Ace, Batman's dog. There might be a rivalry on the horizon.

DCU, DC, Super-Pets, The Rock, Ace

The image sees three undisclosed characters. It's not revealed who is playing the pig, squirrel, or the turtle. 

The new teaser can be viewed below:


Johnson and Hart Bring Super-Pets to Life

With the classic rivalry between Batman and Superman, it's all but a certainty that their two pets will have some sort of disagreement––and with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, it will likely be hilarious.

When it comes to the other pets seen in the photos, there are no names attached just yet. Though, it would be quite funny if a big action star like John Krasinski was an animal that is the opposite of intimating, such as a turtle.

The bigger question is what superheroes will those animals either belong to or imitate? It's easy to see the squirrel belonging to Wonder Woman, and the irony behind the turtle belonging to The Flash is too easy to pass up. 

DC League of Super-Pets will be released in theaters on May 20, 2022.

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