Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds Teases Updates Coming Soon About MCU Sequel

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As Marvel Studios brings 2021 to an end with three more thrilling outings in theaters and on Disney+, fans are looking well into the future to projects that are still up in the air in terms of confirmation for development and release dates. Included in that bunch is Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 3, which was the first formerly-Fox-owned project that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed to be in the works.

Reynolds revolutionized the character on the big screen with his two Deadpool movies, which grossed a combined over $1.5 billion globally, before the Merc With a Mouth went full Marvel Studios in Disney's merger with Fox. The Canadian action star is officially in tow along with the writing team from Bob's Burgers, Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin, although there are still no signs of when the movie may go into development.

This recently became more complicated by the fact that Reynolds is currently at the start of a sabbatical from acting, which has fans wondering if his next project on the docket is his long-awaited MCU debut as Deadpool. While he didn't give any specifics on a timeline for Deadpool 3, he did assure fans that he's working on making it happen at his most recent public appearance.

Ryan Reynolds "Plugging Away" on Deadpool 3

Marvel Studios, Deadpool

Variety spoke with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds on the status of Deadpool 3 at the red carpet event for Netflix's Red Notice.

When asked exactly where he is in the development process for his threequel, Reynolds kept his update brief, confirming that progress is being made and that he'll be able to provide a detailed update about the MCU sequel "soon:"

“Plugging away. I can’t really comment right now. Hopefully soon, though."

Reynolds also tackled a hypothetical fight between Deadpool, Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam, and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, as the three stars appear together in Red Notice. Joking around about the legalities behind that potential rumble, the lone Marvel star of that trio admitted that the fans would be the biggest winners in that instance:

"Oh boy, I think the audience, the audience is gonna win in that fight. Yeah, and whatever lawyer managed to figure out how to bring all those three together"

Merc With a Mouth Making Progress for the MCU

Reynolds is well-known for tackling the hypothetical Marvel vs. DC fights thanks to his time as Deadpool and Green Lantern, and he took the perfect opportunity to entertain the topic again alongside two prominent members of the DC Extended Universe.  Utilizing his classic sense of humor when touching on the rights issues, he clearly enjoyed imagining the three heroes entering the same arena and engaging in battle.

As for his next superhero outing, it appears that Marvel is still keeping details for Deadpool 3's development largely under wraps, as is the case with all X-Men-related projects coming to the MCU. The good news is that Wade Wilson's first solo MCU movie is further along than others, and with so much discussion currently surrounding it, the level of anticipation for the character's debut is building hype quickly.

With rumors pointing to Marvel starting production on Fantastic Four sometime in 2023, Reynolds' Deadpool 3 could be the next former Fox property to kickstart its own production. Whenever that does happen, the MCU fandom will have all eyes on its progress as the franchise's funniest newcomer makes his way to the big screen.

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