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Lucasfilm's Ahsoka is finally cleared for landing on Disney+, thrusting a new cast of characters into the spotlight as well as a few fan-favorite familiar faces. 

While serving as its own Star Wars story told within the ongoing MandoVerse, Ahsoka also has the honor of being a "continuation" of the animated Rebels series, pulling characters and narrative threads over from the former Disney XD show. 

So with the streaming series finally here and three episodes now released, here is every character and the respective actors appearing in Ahsoka

Disney+'s Star Wars: Ahsoka - Full List of Cast Members

1.) Rosario Dawson - Ahsoka Tano

Rosario Dawson Ahsoka

Set to return for her third time playing the character (after previously appearing in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett) is Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano. After more than 15 years within the franchise, the titular Jedi finally gets her own show as she combs the galaxy for clues about the thought-to-be-dead Imperial Admiral Thrawn (and her Jedi compatriot Ezra Bridger). On her quest, Ahsoka reconnects with her former Padawan Sabine, roping her into this adventure across the stars. 

In Episode 4, Dawson's Ahsoka is defeated by Baylan Skoll and wakes up in the World Between Worlds from Star Wars Rebels where she sees her master, Anakin Skywalker. 

Other than playing the live-action version of Ahsoka, Rosario Dawson is best known for her work in the Rent film, Marvel-Netflix's Defenders universe, and Sin City

2.) Natasha Liu Bordizzo - Sabine Wren

Natasha Liu Bordizzo Sabine Wren

Playing Sabine Wren in her live-action Star Wars debut is Natasha Liu Bordizzo. Years after the Star Wars Rebels finale, Bordizzo's colorful Mandalorian comes back into contact with her Jedi mentor, Ahsoka; the former master needs her help with a map that could lead them to Grand Admiral Thrawn, and, in turn, the long-lost Jedi, Ezra Bridger. Sabine loses the map in a battle with the mysterious Shin Hati, opting to resume her Jedi training with Ahsoka after years away.

In the series' fourth episode, Sabine recovers the map but is ultimately convinced to give it to Baylan in order to reach Ezra. The episode ends with Sabine being held captive by Baylan and his crew on their journey to this new galaxy. 

Bordizzo's past credits include The Voyeurs, Day Shift, and The Greatest Showman.

3.) Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Hera Syndulla

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Hera Syndulla

Another character making the jump from the animated world into live-action is Hera Syndulla (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead). This daring Twi'lek pilot is now a general within the New Republic, helping Ahsoka on her mission to find Thrawn. Hera has always been known as a maternal figure within the Star Wars universe, putting that on display early in Ahsoka and convincing Hera to accept Ahsoka back into her life and resume her training.

Winstead can also be seen as The Huntress in Bird of Prey as well as Ramona Flowers in the live-action Scott Pilgrim vs the World film. 

4.) Ray Stevenson - Baylan Skoll

Ray Stevenson Baylan Skoll

Playing one of the primary antagonists of Ahsoka is Ray Stevenson as Baylan Skoll. This former Jedi is also on the hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn, hoping the return of the Imperial figurehead could turn the tides and mark the return of the Empire. Baylan's origins remain unclear, but it has been revealed he survived the Clone Wars and at one point worked alongside Anakin Skywalker. 

Baylan is seemingly successful in the series' fourth episode when he defeats Ahsoka Tano

Ray Stevenson sadly passed away in May 2023 after an illustrious career in Hollywood. His past work includes the Thor films, Punisher: War Zone, as well as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels as the voice of Gar Saxon.

Rosario Dawson, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and other members of the cast have paid tribute to the actor

5.) Ivanna Sakhno - Shin Hati

Ivanna Sakhna Shin Hati

Shin Hati (played by Ivanna Sakhno) is the mysterious apprentice of Ray Stevenson's Baylan Skoll. This lightsaber-wielding mercenary will do anything she can to aid in her master's quest to find Grand Admiral Thrawn, going up against Sabine Wren in saber-to-saber combat and winning to capture the map to Thrawn's unknown location. 

Sakhno can also be seen in High Fidelity, The Spy Who Dumped Me, and The Reunion

6.) Diana Lee Inosanto - Morgan Elsbeth

Diana Lee Inosanto Morgan Elsbeth

Diana Lee Inosanto returns in Ahsoka as Morgan Elsbeth. Elsbeth is a former night sister who was intrinsic in the creation of the construction of the Imperial Navy during the reign of the Empire. After previously appearing in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, asking Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin to seek out and kill Ahsoka, Morgan is hell-bent on finding Thrawn to bring the Empire back to its former glory. 

Inosanto will be recognizable to fans of Melissa McCarthy's Spy, Alita: Battle Angel, and The Sensei

7.) David Tennant - Huyang

David Tennant Huyang

Accompanying Ahsoka wherever she travels is David Tennant's Huyang. Huyang is a former Architect Droid who worked within the Jedi Temple, helping Jedi younglings build their first lightsabers. In Ahsoka, he serves as a co-pilot and close friend to Rosario Dawson's titular Jedi. 

Tennant has had quite a career in both TV and film, previously voicing Huyang in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and appearing in Doctor Who, Fright Night, and Jessica Jones.

8.) Hayden Christensen - Anakin Skywalker

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka

Following his appearance in Obi-Wan Kenobi, Hayden Christensen reprised his role as Anakin in Episode 4 of Ahsoka, allowing his version of the character to meet Ahsoka for the first time in live-action. 

Due to new recorded dialogue from the actor (as well as a leak from star Rosario Dawson), his presence had been expected but the extent of the role was unknown. 

Christensen appeared once more in Episode 5 where he engaged in a lightsaber duel with Ahsoka, as well as appeared in World Between Worlds flashback scenes from The Clone Wars

Christensen previously appeared in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the 2008 thriller, Jumper

9.) Lars Mikkelsen - Grand Admiral Thrawn

Lars Mikkelsen Thrawn

Appearing as the Imperial military mastermind Grand Admiral Thrawn is Lars Mikkelsen. After being presumed dead, some believe Thrawn is still lurking somewhere in deep space and could be the key to bringing the Empire back to power.

Thrawn made his grand debut in Episode 6 of Ahsoka where it was revealed in a twist that he is in possession of a fully operational Star Destroyer and stormtrooper army.

Mikkelsen also made history in Episode 6 when he became the first actor to play a Star Wars character in live-action after previously voicing them in an animated series (Star Wars Rebels).

Mikkelsen previously voiced Thrawn in the animated Star Wars Rebels series and has also been a part of such hits as The Witcher, House of Cards, and Sherlock

10.) Eman Esfandi - Ezra Bridger

Eman Esfandi Ezra Bridger

Star Wars Rebels protagonist Ezra Bridger returns in Ahsoka, this time played by Eman Esfandi. The young Jedi sacrificed himself in defeating Thrawn at the end of Rebels, sending him and the Imperial admiral to the reaches of the Unknown Regions. This former Ghost crew member is the driving force for characters like Sabine as she hopes to save her friend after years separated from the rest of the galaxy.

Ezra finally showed up in Ahsoka in Episode 6, marking the first time that the character appeared in live-action.

He was reunited with Sabine Wren on the planet Peridea, and stated that he "can't wait to go home." While on Peridea, it was revealed that Ezra had been living with a group of native aliens.

Esfandi can be seen in King Richard and The Inspection.

11.) Dave Filoni - Chopper

Dave Filoni Chopper

Ahsoka showrunner and one of the masterminds behind the MandoVerse, Dave Filoni appears in his own series as the rambunctious droid, Chopper. Filoni previously voiced the character in Rebels as well, providing the droid his iconic beeps and boops. This bright orange Astromech has worked alongside Hera Syndulla since the early days of the rebellion, helping to keep her ship, the Ghost, in tip-top shape. 

Filoni is the creator of the Ahsoka character, having written and directed on The Clone Wars, Rebels, and The Mandalorian (alongside Jon Favreau).

12.) Genevieve O'Reilly - Mon Mothma

Genevieve O Reilly Mon Mothma

In her fourth appearance as the character (previously popping up in Rogue One, Rebels, and Andor), Genevieve O'Reilly reprises her role as the galactic senator Mon Mothma for Ahsoka. After being instrumental in the Rebellion that took down the Empire, Mon is now the first chancellor of the New Republic Senate, seeking a time of peace without military might and overbearing governance.

Aside from her appearances in the Star Wars universe, O'Reilly other credits include Tolkien, The Kid Who Would Be King, and the voice of Moira in the hit video game Overwatch 2

13.) Evan Whitten - Jacen Syndulla

Evan Whitten as Jacen Syndulla in Ahsoka

As anticipated, Jacen Syndulla, the son of Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus, made his live-action debut in Episode 3. Played by Evan Whitten, Jacen appears alongside Chopper and expresses his interest in being a Jedi one day. 

Evan Whitten previously appeared in Destroyer, Chupa, and The Resident.

14.) Ariana Greenblatt - Young Ahsoka 

Ariana Greenblatt as young Ahsoka Tano from Ahsoka

Episode 5 featured World Between Worlds-style flashbacks with Ariana Greenblatt playing younger versions of Ahsoka Tano during Clone Wars battles. 

Following her breakout role as young Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War, Greenblatt has also starred in In The Heights, 65, and Barbie

15.) Temuera Morrison - Captain/Commander Rex

Temuera Morrison's Captain Rex from Ahsoka

Since Ahsoka Episode 5's flashbacks were of Clone Wars battles, Temuera Morrison was able to bring his portrayal of the clones full circle, specifically in terms of Anakin and Ahsoka's friend and ally, Captain Rex

In addition to playing Jango Fett and the clone troopers in Attack of the Clones, Morrison also played Boba Fett in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. He also recently played a 501st veteran clone trooper in Obi-Wan Kenobi.

16.) Mark Rolston - Captain Hayle

Mark Rolston Captain Hayle

Mark Ralston plays Ahsoka's Captain Hayle, a New Republic starship captain seen in Episode 1 of the series. Hayle and his crew are the first people to come face-to-face with the villainous Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati as he reveals that Ahsoka is also on the search for Thrawn. 

Rolston is best known for his roles in The Shawshank Redemption, Aliens, and The Departed

17.) Shakira Barrera - First Officer Jensen Corbyt

Shakira Barrera Jensen Corbyt

Shakira Barrera's First Officer Jensen Corbyt appears in Episode 1 of the Disney+ series. Barrerra's New Republic officer is second in command on Captain Hayle's inter-system starship when the vessel is boarded by the mysterious and dangerous Baylan Skoll and his apprentice Shin Hati.

Barrera previously appeared in Netflix's Glow, Shameless, and the hit video game, Far Cry 6

18.) Clancy Brown - Governor Ryder Azadi

Clancy Brown Ryder Azadi

After several animated Star Wars roles, Clancy Brown appears in the flesh in Ahsoka as Governor Ryder Azadi. Azadi represents Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger's homeworld of Lothal and can be seen in Episode 1 honoring the heroes that freed his planet from the Empire (aka the cast of Star Wars Rebels).

Brown is a renowned actor in Hollywood with one of the most recognizable voices in the business. He has appeared in such hits as Spongebob Squarepants, John Wick: Chapter 4, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars

19.) Matt Law - Captain Porter

Matt Law Captain Porter

Matt Law's Captain Porter gets a brief appearance in Episode 1 of the Star Wars series, seen piloting a New Republic X-Wing, as he tries to chase down Natasha Liu Bordizzo's Sabine Wren on the day of a ceremony honoring her and the former crew of the Ghost.

Law previously worked on one of Disney's biggest franchises, appearing in several episodes of ABC's Agents of SHIELD.

20.) Peter Jacobson - Myn Weaver

Peter Jacobson Myn Weaver

Peter Jacobson plays Ahsoka's Myn Weaver in Episode 2. Myn manages a former Imperial shipyard that the New Republic is now using for parts. However, things take a turn for the worst as it turns out Weaver and his crew have not fully defected from their days in the Empire and are providing Baylan Skoll with tech to use on their quest to find Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

Working in Hollywood for more than 20 years, Jacobson is best known for his work on the hit medical drama House, Pixar's Cars 2, and Ray Donovan.

21.) Bonnie Wild - Navigator Droid

Bonnie Wild Navigator Droid

Playing the Navigator Droid aboard the New Republic frigate to start Ahsoka Episode 1 is Bonnie Wild. This Protocol droid gets a split-second of screen time, telling the crew a Jedi ship is approaching.  

Wild works as a sound designer in Hollywood, having worked with Marvel and Stars on several projects like The Mandalorian, Moon Knight, and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

22.) Kat Kuei Chen - Helm Officer

Kat Kuei Chen Helm Officer

Kat Kuei Chan takes on the role of a Helm Officer in the first Ahsoka episode, seen working alongside Mark Rolston's Captain Hayle aboard the ill-fated New Republic frigate that opens the episode. 

Kat Kuei Chen's other resume consists of appearances in Criminal Minds and HBO's Silicon Valley

23.) P.J. Johal - Comms Officer

P.J. Johal Comms Officer Ahsoka

Also on the bridge of Captain Hayle's New Republic ship is P.J. Johal's Comms Officer. Johal's character is the one who makes contact with the incoming vessel that proves to house Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati. 

P.J. Johal has also appeared in The Guard, Stargate SG-1, and Whistler

24.) Helen Sadler - HK Assassin Droid Leader

Helen Sadler HK Assassin Droid Leader

Helen Sadler provides the voice for the HK Assassin Droid Leader that takes on Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka at the ancient Arcana temple. After failing to take down the titular Jedi warrior, Sadler's Assassin Droid initiates a self-destruct sequence that destroys the temple and nearly vaporizes Ahsoka. 

Helen Sadler's other voicework credits include Love, Death, and Robots, and The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special where she played Rey Skywalker

25.) David W. Collins - Home One Comms Officer

David W. Collins Home One Comms Officer

The Home One Comms Officer who ushers Ahsoka aboard the previously invaded New Republic frigate is David W. Collins. Collins points Rosario Dawson's Jedi to a landing hanger for her to land in to reunite with Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Hera. 

David W. Collins is a sound designer who has worked on The Bad Batch, Willow, and voiced several characters in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

26.) Vinny Thomas - Senator Jai Kell

Vinny Thomas Senator Jai Kell

After first appearing as a child during Star Wars: Rebels, and escaping the Imperial Academy alongside Ezra Bridger in that series, Jai Kell appears in Ahsoka Episode 1 as a Senator of Lothal. Played by Vinny Thomas, Jai has to stall as Clancy Brown's Governor Ryder Azadi figures out where their guest of honor, Sabine has run off to.

Vinny Thomas' other credits include Filling the House and Platonic

27.) Michele Weaver - Lieutenant Callahan

Michele Weaver Lieutenant Callahan

Working as a military pilot on Lothal in Ahsoka is Michele Weaver's Lieutenant Callahan. The character is the pilot who's ship Sabine slides under as she speeds away from the ceremony honoring the cast of Star Wars Rebels

Michele Weaver has also appeared in Beverly H. and Cathedrals

28.) Shelby Young - C1-D1

Shelby Young C1 D1

Voicing the Protocol Droid in Myn Weaver's New Republic scrapyard in Episode 2 is Shelby Young. The bright red C-Series can be seen revealing that an Imperial HK Assassin Droid was, in fact, present at the facility despite what Weaver had told Ahsoka and Hera. 

Young has appeared in films such as The Social Network as well as voicing Princess Leia in the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga video game.

29.) Kelly Phelan - Command Crew #1

Kelly Phelan Command Crew #1 Ahsoka

Also appearing in Episode 2's New Republic scrapyard control room is Kelly Phelan as Command Crew #1. She along with another officer fire at Ahsoka and Hera when the Imperial conspiracy is uncovered. 

Kelly Phelan can also be seen in Glow, A.P. Bio, and Happy Death Day

30.) Nelson Lee - Senator Xiono

Star Wars Resistance's Kaz Xiono and Nelson Lee as Senator Xiono in Ahsoka

Lee appeared in Episode 3 as New Republic Senator Hamato Xiono who's clearly uninterested and even suspicious of Hera Syndulla's warnings about Grand Admiral Thrawn. He's also the father of Resistance fighter Kazuda "Kaz" Xiono from the Star Wars Resistance animated series. 

Nelson Lee is best known for his roles in Stargirl and Disney's live-action Mulan.

31.) Jacqueline Antaramian - Senator Rodrigo

Jacqueline Antaramian as Senator Rodrigo in Ahsoka

Also portraying a New Republic Senator via hologram alongside Nelson Lee and Genevieve O'Reilly's Chancellor Mon Mothma is Jacqueline Antaramian as Senator Rodrigo. 

Antaramian's previous roles range from Manifest and Homeland to Side Effects and Jessica Jones.

32.) Maurice Irvin - Senator Mawood

Maurice Irvin as Senator Mawood in Ahsoka

Actor Maurice Irvin as New Republic Senator Mawood was also present at the hologram meeting to discuss Hera Syndulla's request. 

Irvin has also appeared in FBI: International and Mad About You.

33.) Nican Robinson - First Officer Vic Hawkins

Nican Robinson as Ahsoka's First Officer Vic Hawkins

As Hera Syndulla made her way to that Episode 3 meeting with Chancellor Mon Mothma and New Republic Senators, First Officer Vic Hawkins, played by Nican Robinson, warned her that Senator Xiono was in attendance. 

Nican Robinson is also known for 13 Reasons Why, Thunder Road, and recently appeared in Beef

34.) Paul Darnell - Marrok

Paul Darnell as Marrok in Ahsoka

Well-known stunt performer Paul Darnell has been credited for playing Marrok, a former Imperial Inquisitor working with Morgan Elsbeth, Baylon Skoll, and Shin Hati. After dueling with Ahsoka Tano in Episode 2, Marrok participated in a starship battle with Ahoka's T-6 shuttle along with Shin. 

In addition to stunt doubling as Timothy Olymphant's Cobb Vanth in The Mandalorian Season 2, Darnell has performed stunt work in Jurassic World, The Matrix Resurrections, and Tenet

35.) Paul Sun-Hyung Lee - Captain Carson Teva

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Captain Carson Teva in Ahsoka

Following his role in The Mandalorian Season 3, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee returned as New Republic Captain Carson Teva in Episode 4 of Ahsoka, helping Hera Syndulla attempt to stop Morgan Elsbeth's hyperspace ring. 

In addition to The Mandalorian, Lee has also starred in The Book of Boba Fett and Kim's Convenience

36.) Michael C. Alexander - Lieutenant Baysee

Michael C. Alexandar at Lieutenant Baysee in Ahsoka

Appearing alongside Captain Teva, actor Michael C. Alexander portrayed X-Wing pilot and New Republic Lieutenant Baysee. 

Alexander was previously known for Hunting for Fish, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Veep

37.) Dawn Dininger - Lieutenant Mowaat

Dawn Dininger as Lieutenant Mowaat in Ahsoka

Dawn Dininger played the Rodian New Republic X-Wing pilot, Lieutenant Mowaat, in Ahsoka Episode 4.

Dininger has been a creature suit performer and puppeteer on past Star Wars projects, such as The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett

38.) Chau Naumova - Lieutenant Jensu

Chau Naumova as Lieutenant Jensu in Ahsoka

Chau Naumova portrayed yet another X-Wing pilot looking to help Hera in Ahsoka's Episode 4. 

Naumova also appeared in the Street Fighter: Legends television series. 

39.) Brendan Wayne - Lieutenant Lander

Brendan Wayne as Lieutenant Lander in Ahsoka

The final member of Ahsoka Episode 4's New Republic X-Wing squadron is Brendan Wayne's Lieutenant Lander. 

In addition to his work on Agents of SHIELD, Sons of Anarchy, and Cowboys & Aliens, Wayne is usually the actor under the helmet bringing The Mandalorian's Din Djarin to life. 

40.) Captain Girard - Eisa Davis

Eisa Davis in Ahsoka on Disney+

Captain Girard of the New Republic, played Eisa Davis, appeared at the conclusion of Episode 5 on orders to investigate and return General Hera Syndulla - and her fellow X-Wing pilots - from Seatos. 

Davis is known for her roles in Mare of Easttown, House of Cards, and Succession

41.) Captain Enoch - Wes Chatham

Wes Chatham as Captain Enoch in Ahsoka

Episode 6 of Ahsoka introduced a brand new character named Captain Enoch, who is played by Wes Chatham. The character serves as the right-hand man to Grand Admiral Thrawn, sports a modified version of stormtrooper armor that features gold pieces, and could play a major role in the future.

Chatham is best known for his roles in both parts of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, In the Valley of Elah, and Tenet.

42.) Klothow - Claudia Black

Claudia Black as Klothow in Ahsoka

Claudia Black's Klothow was one of the Dathomirian Great Mothers who appeared in Episode 6 of Ahsoka. She was present when Morgan Elsbeth, Shin Hati, and Baylan Skoll touched down on Peridea.

Black is best known for her roles in Farscape and Pitch Black.

43.) Aktropaw - Jeryl Prescott Gallien

Jeryl Prescott Gallien as Aktropaw in Ahsoka

Aktropaw was another one of the Great Mothers seen in Episode 6 of Ahsoka. The character is played by Jeryl Prescott Gallien.

Gallien can be seen in other projects such as The Walking Dead, All the Queen's Men, and Swamp Thing.

44.) Lakesis - Jane Edwina Seymour

Jane Edwina Seymour as Lakesis in Ahsoka

Lakesis was the third Great Mother present in Episode 6 of Ahsoka. She, like the others, was there when the antagonists arrived on Peridea. Lakesis was played by Jane Edwina Seymour.

Seymour is also credited for her roles in You, Star Trek: Picard, and Fortune Defies Death.

Ahsoka is currently streaming on Disney+, with new episodes debuting at 9 p.m. ET every Tuesday. 

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