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The Witcher, Freya Allan, Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra

Season 3 of Netflix's The Witcher has finally released all its episodes, with Henry Cavill leading the massive cast of actors in his final outing as the titular hero.

The Witcher has proved to be one of Netflix's most popular TV series, but after Season 3, fans will see a major cast change when Liam Hemsworth takes the place of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.

Season 2 ended on a shocking revelation for Freya Allan's Cirilla (who is better known as Ciri) when it was revealed that the Nilfgaardian man who is hunting her is actually her father, setting up for a wild Season 3.

1.) Henry Cavill - Geralt of Rivia

Henry Cavill, Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher

Just as he did in the first two seasons of The Witcher, Henry Cavill suits up as the grey-haired Geralt of Rivia in the lead role.

As one of the fabled and rarely-spotted Witchers that are on the Continent, Geralt spent most of his past life doing just what Witchers do - hunting mystical and extremely powerful monsters.

However, when the character came to the aid of Lord Urcheon in Cintra, he evoked the Law of Surprise and later ended up with the lord's daughter, Cirilla, in his care.

With the two firmly at each other's sides and joined by Yennefer of Vengerberg, they will continue to be on the run in Season 3 as they are being hunted by many forces - including Cirilla's birth father.

2.) Anya Chalotra - Yennefer of Vengerberg

Anya Chalotra, Yennefer, The Witcher

Anya Chalotra made her debut in The Witcher series early on in Season 1, and she has remained the lead actress throughout the show since.

Yennefer started out in the show as a sorceress with facial paralysis and a curved spine. However, she meets the right people and is eventually taken in by Tissaia de Vries, who becomes her mentor and guides her on a journey to become a full-fledged mage.

Yennefer then undergoes a grueling procedure to change her appearance, but it comes with the price of sterilization that she later comes to regret.

She and Geralt will be working together in Season 3 to protect Cirilla from the many dangers she faces.

3.) Freya Allan - Princess Cirilla of Cintra

Freya Allan, Ciri, The Witcher

Freya Allan also made her debut as Princess Cirilla (better known as Ciri) in the very first episode of Season 1, and the story has truly revolved around her from the very beginning, with her being the main target of many of the show's antagonists.

Ciri eventually completed her task of finding Geralt, and the two finally made their way to Kaer Morhen near the end of Season 2.

At Kaer Morhen, Ciri went through intense training and had the desire to actually become a Witcher, but Geralt stopped her. 

However, due to the Elder Blood that she possesses, she is still capable of unspeakable power and will likely put it on display in Season 3.

4.) Joey Batey - Jaskier

Joey Batey, Jaskier, The Witcher

Joey Batey quickly became a fan-favorite for his portrayal of Jaskier, as his rendition of the now-popular "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" song took the fanbase by storm.

As a close friend of Geralt, he has helped the main characters in many circumstances. At the end of Season 2, Jaskier also found himself at Kaer Morhen helping Yennefer when Ciri was possessed by the Deathless Mother.

5.) MyAnna Buring - Tissaia de Vries

MyAnna Buring, Tissaia de Vries, The Witcher

Like all of the previously mentioned characters and actors, MyAnna Buring's Tissaia de Vries debuted early on in Season 1 of The Witcher, and she instantly became one of the most important characters in the show.

Responsible for recruiting and teaching Yennefer how to harness her Chaos, Tissaia and Yennefer ultimately had a falling out after Yennefer was sent to Nilfgaard, but the two united over 30 years later.

At the end of Season 2, Tissaia and the Northern Kings and Queens of the Continent put a bounty on Ciri, but Tissaia's true intentions are yet to be known.

6.) Mahesh Jadu - Vilgefortz of Roggeveen

Mahesh Vadu, Vilgefortz, The Witcher

Vilgefortz didn't make his debut in The Witcher until Episode 7 of Season 1.

As a member of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, he found himself in the midst of the Battle of Sodden Hill alongside the likes of Yennefer and Tissaia, where it looked as though he was defeated for good.

However, Vilgefortz survived and went on to become a more prominent figure within the Brotherhood. After learning about Ciri, fans can only wonder where his loyalties will lie in the upcoming season.

7.) Anna Shaffer - Triss Merigold

Anna Shaffer, Triss Merigold, The Witcher

Sorceress Triss Merigold may have been introduced in the early episodes of The Witcher's first season, but she didn't really become a prominent character until Season 2.

Under the command of King Foltest, Triss sought out Geralt's help and asked him to help save a striga, which actually ended up being the cursed daughter of King Foltest. Geralt ultimately battled the creature in a crypt until daybreak so the curse could be lifted, but Triss truly saved the day when she saved Geralt after the King's daughter cut his throat.

As a part of the conclave of Northern mages, Triss became extremely close with Tissaia, and the two even fought at the Battle of Sodden Hill together.

Triss ultimately came to Geralt's aid in Season 2 and helped train Ciri, and then she and Tissaia had a falling out at the end of the season when Triss felt that Tissaia betrayed her.

8.) Bart Edwards -Emperor Emhyr

Bart Edwards, Emhyr, The Witcher

In perhaps the biggest plot twist of the entire series thus far, Bart Edwards' Emhyr, who is the Emperor of Nilfgaard, was revealed to be Ciri's biological father.

The character first appeared in Season 1 where it was revealed that he had found and rescued King Roegner of Cintra. When the king asked how he could return the favor, Emhyr, who was under the alias of Lord Urcheon "Duny," said that he would invoke the Law of Surprise.

Emhyr then showed up in Cintra at a later time to claim his reward, which turned out to be Roegner's daughter, Princess Pavetta.

The two were in love, and it was then revealed that she was carrying a child, and it was thought that Emhyr tragically died shortly after Ciri's birth. However, that obviously wasn't the case, as he is now the emperor of Nilfgaard and is in search of his daughter.

9.) Royce Pierreson - Istredd

Royce Pierreson, Istredd

Istredd's first appearance in the show was early on in Season 1 when Yennefer accidentally opened a portal to the Aretuzan ruins and she came face-to-face with him.

Even though the two became romantically involved, Istredd eventually betrayed Yennefer and told Stregobor of her Elven heritage, breaking all trust between the two characters.

Later on, Istredd actually found out about Ciri still being alive and with Geralt, which means that he is a man with extremely important information that many people would do anything to know.

10.) Lars Mikkelsen - Stregobor

Lars Mikkelsen, Stregobor, The Witcher

One of the most cunning and untrustworthy characters in the entire series, Stregobor has been an important player in The Witcher from the very beginning.

From hiring Geralt to mercilessly kill a woman to torturing Yennefer, many fans despise Stregobor.

In Season 3, his ruthlessly cunning antics is on full display as he influences the Council. 

11.) Eamon Farren - Cahir

Eamon Farren, Cahir, The Witcher

Cahir is a knight in the Nilfgaard army who spends the majority of his screentime in search of Ciri, and he even captured her at one point.

After the Battle of Sodden Hill, Yennefer was tasked with killing Cahir in order to prove her allegiance to the Brotherhood. She couldn't go through with it though, and she helped Cahir escape.

Cahir eventually made his way back to Nilfgaard where he was imprisoned by Ciri's father, Emperor Emhyr.

12.) Mimî M. Khayisa - Fringilla Vigo

Mimî M. Khayisa, Fringilla, The Witcher

Fringilla Vigo is a sorceress from Nilfgaard that has appeared in all but two episodes throughout the first two seasons.

She was also a student of Tissaia's just as Yennefer was at Aretuza, where she displayed extremely strong magic.

She was captured by Filavandrel and the Elves in Season 2, but then reunited with Cahir and returned to Emperor Emhyr with him, where they were both imprisoned. In Season 3, the pair sets themselves on a path to do anything they can to escape.

13.) Mecia Simson - Francesca Findabair

Mecia Simson, Francesca Findabair, The Witcher

Francesca Findabair is the first of the Elven race on the list, and even though she was only introduced in Season 2, her story is a tragic one.

After imprisoning and then releasing Yennefer and Fringilla, Francesca and Filavandrel struck a deal with Fringilla and pledged that the Elves would fight for Nilfgaard.

However, after Francesca gave birth to the first full-blooded elf in years, Filavandrel went back on that agreement, which resulted in their child being murdered.

This sent Francesca into a rage, but she soon learned of Ciri and how she possesses Elder Blood, making her determined to find Ciri and capture her.

14.) Cassie Clare - Philippa Eilhart

Cassie Clare, Philippa Eilhart, The Witcher

Philippa only appeared in two episodes of the second season of The Witcher, but it is safe to assume that she will play a major role moving forward.

With the ability to shapeshift into an owl, she is a sorceress who serves as the spy and advisor to Sigismund Dijkstra.

In Season 3, fans can expect to see her work even more with Sigismund.

15.) Graham McTavish - Sigismund Dijkstra

Graham McTavish, Sigismund Dijkstra, The Witcher

Sigismund serves as an advisor to Vizimir, King of Redania, in The Witcher.

His knowledge makes him a formidable opponent for anyone that crosses his path.

The last time fans saw Sigismund, he and Vizimir were plotting to capture Ciri, and they will likely try to carry out their plan in Season 3.

16.) Robbie Amell - Gallatin

Robbie Amell, Gallatin, the Witcher
Robbie Gallatin

Gallatin is the first character on this list who will be making his debut in Season 3. Obviously, the character has no history in the show, but when Netflix announced that Robbie Amell would portray the Elf, they were kind enough to tack on a little description.

The description stated that Gallatin is a natural fighter who will lead an army of Scoia'tael Elves to aid Nilfgaard. It was also teased that he and Francesca will be at odds at some point in the upcoming season due to the two characters not seeing eye-to-eye.

It is also important to note that Gallatin does not exist in Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher novels, so he will be a completely new character.

17.) Meng’er Zhang - Milva

Meng'er Zhang, Milva, The Witcher
Meng'er Zhang

Milva is another character that will be introduced in Season 3.

Without getting into any potential spoilers, she is often considered a fan-favorite from the books, and fans may even get to see her meet up with one of the lead characters near the end of Season 3, which would set up an interesting dynamic for Season 4.

18.) Hugh Skinner - Prince Radovid

Hugh Skinner, Prince Radovid, The Witcher

Radovid is also making his debut in Season 3 of The Witcher, and it was revealed that he will be the younger brother of King Vizimir, King of Redania.

There is a Radovid in the books as well as the video games, but he is the son of Vizimir. However, the description for Netflix's Radovid sounds nothing like how the character is in the books, as he was described to be a "royal playboy" in Season 3.

19.) Christelle Elwin - Mistle

Christelle Elwin
Christelle Elwin

Once again, Season 3 of The Witcher will be the first time that Mistle is seen on-screen, but she does have a large presence in the books.

When Netflix announced that Christelle Elwin would be cast as Mistle, they also revealed that her gang, the Rats, will be getting involved in Season 3.

Netflix also teased that she will meet up with someone of importance "that will change everything." Readers of the novels will know who this mystery person is that Mistle will be meeting up with.

20.) Cal Watson - Eva

Cal Watson
Cal Watson

Cal Watson will step into the Continent for the first time in Season 3 to bring the character of Eva to life.

It was described that Eva will be a royal Redanian handmaiden in the upcoming installment, and will also be romantically involved with Philippa at some point, the previously mentioned sorceress who can turn into an owl.

21.) Sam Woolf - Rience

Sam Woolf
Sam Woolf

After Rience captured and tortured Jaskier, Yennefer came to the bard's rescue and burned Rience's face with his own magic, leaving him badly scarred.

Rience then made another appearance later on in Season 2 when he arrived at Kaer Morhen where he stole a vial of Ciri's extremely valuable blood and returned it to Lydia.

Due to his injuries, he is on a path for revenge in Season 3.

22.) Therica Wilson Read - Sabrina Glevissig

Therica Wilson Read, Sabrina Glevissig, The Witcher

Sabrina Glevissig hasn't appeared in The Witcher since Season 1, but the sorceress and member of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers will make her triumphant return in Season 3. 

She also was in the same group of sorceresses at Aretuza as Yennefer and Fringilla, and after she was initiated into the Brotherhood, she also took part in the Battle of Sodden Hill.

However, during the battle, Sabrina ended up being influenced and taken over by a parasitic-like worm which made her act much different than she normally would. Once she was knocked off a tower the fall did seem to neutralize the parasite and the normal Sabrina returned, but that was the last fans saw of the character until she returns in Season 3.

23.) Wilson Mbomio - Dara

Wilson Mbomio, Dara, The Witcher

When Ciri was arguably in need the most, Dara found her and was there for her. However, when the two had a falling out and Dara returned to his own kin, he told them of Ciri. 

In Season 3, one begs the question: will he help Ciri again, or will he stay loyal to the Elves?

24.) Tom Canton - Filavandrel

Tom Canton, Filavandrel, The Witcher

Filavandrel is one of the few people in the entirety of the Continent that can say they captured Geralt of Rivia.

As previously mentioned, Filavandrel was in league with Nilfgaard until Francesca gave birth, which caused him to break ties with the kingdom.

This resulted in the baby getting tragically murdered, and along with Francesca, Filavandrel is now ready to hunt down Ciri and capture her Elder Blood.

25.) Terence Maynard - Artorius Vigo

Terence Maynard, Artorius Vigo, The Witcher

Artorius is also a part of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, and he is actually the uncle of Fringilla.

Known to often see eye-to-eye and take the same side as Stregobor, Artorius is a character that many fans probably find easy to loathe.

No matter what role he plays in Season 3, he is one of the thorn in the side of the show's heroes.

26.) Ed Birch - King Vizimir of Redania

Ed Birch, King Vizimir of Redania, The Witcher

As mentioned on multiple occasions throughout this list, Vizimir is the king of Redania and a close friend to his advisor, Sigismund Dijkstra.

Vizimir only appeared in three episodes throughout the first two seasons of The Witcher, but since he is now interested in Ciri (just as it seems everyone else on the Continent is), he has a more prominent role in Season 3.

27.) Aisha Fabienne Ross - Lydia van Bredevoort

Aisha Fabienne Ross, Lydia van Bredevoort, The Witcher

Lydia actually hired Rience to track down Ciri in Season 2. After he stole a vial of Ciri's Elder Blood, he brought it back to Lydia so that she could perform tests on it. 

The tests completely backfired, however, leaving a large portion of her face completely scarred and disfigured, similar to the way Two-Face looks in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

She is out for revenge in Season 3 along with Rience.

28.) Kaine Zajaz - Gage

Kaine Zajaz, Gage, The Witcher

Gage didn't play a big role in Season 2 of The Witcher, but that doesn't mean that he can't be an important character moving forward.

He is actually the brother of Francesca, the Elven sorceress who gave birth to the first full-blooded elf in years, so fans can expect him to possibly be her right hand of revenge moving forward.

29.) Rochelle Rose - Margarita

Rochelle Rose, Margarita
Rochelle Rose

Fans will get to meet Margarita for the first time in Season 3 of The Witcher.

If the series follows the books, viewers will be meeting an extremely powerful sorceress when she shows up on-screen.

30.) Liz Carr - Fenn

Liz Carr, Fenn, The Witcher

Fenn only briefly appeared in Season 2 of The Witcher, but she played a fairly important role.

When Istredd sought out help from Fenn and Codringher, they both gave it to him and actually revealed that the girl with Geralt was Ciri, which was extremely important information considering she was thought to be dead by almost everyone on the Continent.

In Season 3, Geralt asks Codringher and Fenn for information on Rience. Eventually, the pair tells him everything they know about Rience but discourages Geralt to pursue him since it is dangerous.

31.) Simon Callow - Codringher

Simon Callow, Codringher, The Witcher

Similar to Fenn, Codringher was a detective in Season 2 and helped reveal to Istredd that Ciri of Cintra was alive.

In Season 3, Codringher appears right beside Fenn when Geralt asks them for help.

32.) Michalina Olszanska - Marti Södergren

Michalina Olszanska plays Marti Södergren, a sorceress who was deemed one of the most valuable healers in the Northern Realms. Marti is also known for the creation of aphrodisiacs.

Olszanska is best known for her roles in Netflix's 1983 and Carga.

33.) Safiyya Ingar - Keira Metz

Safiyya Ingar, Keira Metz
Safiyya Ingar

Safiyya Ingar portrays Keira Metz, another sorceress who would join the Lodge of Sorceresses. 

Metz's past acting credits include Doctors and Faith. She also had a voice acting credit in Diablo IV.

34.) Ryan Hayes - Artaud Terranova

Ryan Hayes is Artaud Terranova in The Witcher Season 3, a mage who had an active role in the Thanedd coup after conspiring with Vilgefortz. Artaud is described as a respected figure in Thanedd Island. 

Hayes is known for Emerald City and Carnival Row.

35.) Bernhard Fuchs - Fercart of Cidaris

Bernhard Fuchs
Bernhard Fuchs

Bernhard Fuchs plays Fercart of Cidaris, a mage and one of the youngest members of the Council of Wizards. Fercart also serves as the advisor to King Foltest of Temeria.

36.) Ben Radcliffe - Giselher

Ben Radcliffe portrays Giselher, the leader of the Rats in The Witcher Universe.

Radcliffe's previous credits include Pandora and Cuban Fury.

37.) Fabian McCallum - Kayleigh

Fabian McCallum
Fabian McCallum

Fabian McCallum plays Kayleigh, a member of the Rats who is described as a victim of the horrors of war. 

McCallum is an actor whose previous roles include You and The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power

38.) Aggy K. Adams - Iskra

Aggy K. Adams plays Iskra in The Witcher Season 3, a member of the Rats who is a former elf who was exiled from elven territories.

Adams is known for Oh, Ramona! and The Perfect Escape.

39.) Frances Pooley - Teryn

Frances Pooley, Teryn
Frances Pooley

Frances Pooley plays Teryn, a young girl who was used by the Emperor of Nilfgaard to impersonate Ciri. 

Pooley is known for Bridgerton and Body of Water.

40.) Lorna Brown - Queen Eithné

Lorna Brown plays Queen Eithné, the ruler of Brokilon, and is well known for her unwavering wisdom. 

Brown's past credits include The Batman, Terminator: Dark Fate, and Les Misérable.

41.) Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson - Crach An Craite

Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson
Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson

Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson plays Crach An Craite aka "raid of the tormented." 

The character is described as the Wild Boar of the Sea and he is also the nephew of King Bran Tuirseach of Skellige.

Jóhannesson is known for his roles in Game of Thrones, Vikings: Valhalla, and Succession.

The Witcher Season 3, Volume 1 is now streaming on Netflix, and Volume 2 will debut on July 27.

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