Is Sabine Wren Force-Sensitive? Ahsoka Show Drops Major Hint

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Natasha Bordizzo as Sabine Wren

Ahsoka's latest installment explained the truth behind Sabine Wren's force-sensitivity.

One of the biggest questions over the series' first two episodes was a simple one: Can Sabine actually use the Force?

Throughout all her time in Star Wars Rebels, Wren showed no sign of force sensitivity, even when training directly with Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger. Hyuang told her in Episode 2 that her ability with the Force is the lowest he’d ever seen in a Padawan.

Thankfully, Episode 3 offered audiences some more insight on the topic.

Sabine Can’t Currently Feel the Force

One of the biggest reveals of Ahsoka’s third episode, which sheds some light on the truth of Sabine Wren’s Force-sensitivity, comes from the Mandalorian herself.

While talking with Ahsoka, Sabine admits how she “just can’t use the force” and that “[she doesn’t] feel it, not like [Ahsoka does].”

This obviously doesn’t sway Ahsoka’s thoughts on the matter, as she instead persists in Sabine’s training.

Sabine Wren and Ahsoka

In the same episode, Ahsoka tells Sabine that “the Force resides in all living things, even you.” Though, it’s worth noting that this answer seems like a typical vague Jedi line. 

The former Jedi goes on to say that when it comes to using the force, “talent is a factor,” but that “training and focus are what truly defines someone’s success.”

Ahsoka Tano in Ahsoka Series

Anyone under the former Jedi Order always made it clear how the Force is in everything, so Ahsoka’s statements don’t necessarily allude to everyone being able to use the Force if trained hard enough. But, understandably, that’s exactly what many will feel Rosario Dawson's hero is hinting at.

While Sabine says she can’t feel the Force, there certainly has to be a reason why Ahsoka chose Wren as her padawan. Clearly, Huyang doesn’t see what Lady Tano does, as he points explicitly out how inept with the Force Sabine is in Episode 2—a sentiment he repeats in the third installment.

While Sabine can’t currently use the Force, there is clear foreshadowing that she will later in the series. The moment occurs when Wren tries to move a cup with her mind but is unable to.

Sabine Wren using the Force in Ahsoka

But can Sabine Wren simply be taught to use the Force no matter what level of Force-sensitivity she does or doesn’t have, despite what previous stories have told audiences?

Is Sabine’s Force-Sensitivity a Canon Problem?

Is Ahsoka potentially brushing up against issues with the franchise’s canon by training Sabine with the Force? Well, if Sabine is truly not force-sensitive at all, then yes, it might be.

Up until this point, across all of Star Wars canon, there’s been one consistent—to manipulate the Force in any way, one has to be Force-sensitive. This trait cannot be taught; people are instead born with it.

There’s a reason every character isn’t running to go train themselves in the Force. Not everyone can hone those abilities.

As fans understand it now, if Sabine isn’t Force-sensitive (or, as The Phantom Menace established, she has no midichlorians), no matter how hard Ahsoka trains her, she’ll never be able to use the Force. However, if she has even the tiniest fraction of force sensitivity, then the possibilities are there—and have been since the day the Mandalorian was born.

Dave Filoni’s Ahsoka Could Forge New Ground

Ahsoka could also forge new ground in regards to Star Wars lore. Maybe Dave Filoni wants to properly introduce the concept that those who aren’t inherently force-sensitive can still be taught to tap into the Force.

Ahsoka likely wants to teach Sabine ways to utilize the Force, even if she doesn’t have the inherent sensitivity to do so.

This is where the series could clearly define how there is a distinct difference between manipulating the Force and simply understanding and feeling its existence. 

This could lead to unique and more subtle ways of using the Force, such as becoming hyper-aware of everything around oneself and any imminent dangers.

Sabine’s abilities could end up shaping into something similar to that of Chirrut Îmwe in Rogue One. This also lines up with how Ahsoka was training her to see her surroundings differently in Episode 3.

Either way, fans are dying to know just how Sabine’s force aptitude might play out. Perhaps when they inevitably go to this new Galaxy, its Force might play by a different set of rules.

Ahsoka is now streaming on Disney+.

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