Ahsoka Disney+ Show Will Be Missing 1 Major Star Wars Rebels Character

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At least one character from Star Wars Rebels won't be joining the fun when Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka lands on Disney+.

While Ahsoka Tano will be the key focus of her own series, the project looks to be a sequel to the hit Rebels animated series. Natasha Liu Bordizzo's Sabine Wren is confirmed to play a big role in the proceedings, with the likes of Hera Syndulla and Chopper tagging along as well. Even both Ezra Bridger and Thrawn will be a part of the fun.

Kanan Won't Be Joining Disney+'s Ahsoka

Kanan Jarrus, Star Wars Rebels
Star Wars

In an interview with The Big Thing on YouTube, Star Wars Rebels actor Freddie Prinze Jr. confirmed that his character, Kanan, will not be a part of the upcoming Disney+ show, Ahsoka.

The last time the character was seen chronologically in the timeline, the Jedi sacrificed himself to save Hera and the rest of the Ghost Crew in Star Wars Rebels' fourth season.

The actor even proclaimed that "[he's] done with Kanan" and that he's "too old for that stuff:"

“No 'Ahsoka'. I’m done with Kanan. I’m too old for that stuff… I grew up watching Star Trek more anyway… They had sex in Star Trek, man. Nobody’s getting laid in Star Wars.”

Kanan Jarrus, Star Wars Rebels
Star Wars

The actor elaborated that his character's story "is done" for him, and that "[he] thought it ended beautifully:"

“Kanan’s story – at least for me – is done, I thought it ended beautifully. People cried, I was very happy for that. I don’t mean that like a jerk: our goal was to make you cry…”

Prinze. Jr. confirmed that, as of now, "[he doesn't] have any ambition to be in the Star Wars Universe:"

“… So for me, that story’s been told, and it’s done, and I wouldn’t have any interest in that. And it would be weird to play a different character in that universe, so I don’t have any ambition to be in the Star Wars Universe.”

Why Kanan's Star Wars Absence Is No Surprise

Fans are probably a little disappointed with how dismissive Freddie Prinze Jr. is of the role. Claiming he's too old is an odd reaction, one that also makes it seem like he doesn't think too highly of the role.

As for Kanan not appearing in the upcoming Disney+ show, that in itself is not all too surprising given his death in Rebels' final season.

Despite that, Ahsoka could've included a flashback scene for Hera, especially since the couple's child, Jacen Syndulla, will probably appear.

In fact, the show still could surprise fans with a quick Kanan scene but with a different actor portraying him, as is the case for most of the live-action incarnations of Rebels' characters.

Two key Rebels characters who remain a big question mark for Ahsoka are Zeb and Agent Kallus. While Zeb made a quick cameo in The Mandalorian, there's still no word on if Kallus is heading toward live-action at any point.

Ahsoka is set to hit Disney+ this August.

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