First Look at Sabine Wren In Live-Action (Photos)

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Sabine Wren Ahsoka

A first look at Sabine Wren's live-action Star Wars debut has been revealed.

Ever since Ahsoka Tano appeared in The Mandalorian, fans have been waiting eagerly to see whether any other Star Wars characters will make the jump from animation to live-action. 

After Ahsoka’s spin-off series was confirmed it was revealed shortly after that Natasha Liu Bordizzo had been cast as Sabine Wren, another Mandalorian and a main character in Star Wars Rebels.

Ahsoka creator Dave Filoni has previously praised Bardizzo's performance as the character but now audiences have their first proper glimpse of the actress in the role.

First Look at Sabine Wren In Ahsoka 

During the Lucasfilm Studios Showcase at Star Wars Celebration 2023, the first image of Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Sabine Wren in Ahsoka was shown to attendees.

The image shows Sabine in her Mandalorian armor, holding her helmet at her side.

The first trailer for Ahsoka was also released during the panel and gave a preview of what to expect from Bardizzo in the role. 

Sabine is easily recognizable throughout the teaser, with Bardizzo bearing long purple and red hair, which is slightly different from her animated look in Rebels.

In one scene, Ahsoka and Sabine's reunion is shown. Sabine says, "It's been a while," to which Ahsoka (played by Rosario Dawson) responds, "Things have changed." 

In another shot, Sabine can be seen looking at a hologram of someone who appears to be Ezra Bridger - a character who went missing after the events of Rebels. 

Sabine and Ahsoka vs. Thrawn

After months of rumors, the teaser trailer confirmed that Ahsoka will be hunting Grand Admiral Thrawn and will seemingly turn to her old friends like Sabine and Hera Syndulla for help. 

Ahsoka's voice can be heard warning the others about Thrawn, saying "I started hearing whispers about Thrawn's return as heir to the Empire."

It seems that despite Ahsoka and Sabine teaming up to find out what happened to their friend Ezra at the end of Rebels, they separated at some point in their journey. While Ahsoka is focused on Thrawn, the trailer confirmed that Sabine is still focused on her mission to find Ezra

While the first image teases that audiences will see Sabine wearing her iconic Mandalorian helmet, the rumors that she may also wield Ezra's green lightsaber weren't confirmed - in this trailer at least.

Audiences will find out more when Ahsoka releases on Disney+ in August 2023.

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