3 Star Wars Shows to Watch Before Ahsoka Disney+ Series

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Ahsoka Tano Rosario Dawson Disney+

The voice behind Ahsoka Tano shared the TV shows that fans should watch before Disney+ streams the new Ahsoka series from Star Wars.

Ahsoka has a long history over the years as an important Star Wars character before she finally made the jump into live-action during Season 2 of The Mandalorian, with Rosario Dawson embodying the role on Disney+.

She'd later play an important supporting role in Chapter 6 of The Book of Boba Fett alongside Din Djarin and Luke Skywalker, although fans have seen her develop as a hero for years before ever joining the MandoVerse officially.

Shows To Watch Before Ahsoka

Speaking with CinemaBlend, Ahsoka Tano voice actress Ashley Eckstein shared her thoughts on what fans should watch before the upcoming Ahsoka series.

Eckstein noted that fans will "miss out on crucial, crucial backstory" without watching these series before Rosario Dawson comes back into the story as Ahsoka Tano:

"I highly recommend that you take the time to watch [these series]. Because if you don't, you're going to miss out on crucial, crucial backstory that you really need to know to fully enjoy the 'Ahsoka' series, which is so exciting."

The following shows are listed below:

1.) Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Ahsoka fighting Darth Maul in Clone Wars final season
Star Wars

Taking place between Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: The Clone Wars shows Ahsoka's early rise to power as she works her way from a youngling through the Jedi ranks.

While she isn't present during the entire series, she plays as big of a role as anybody as she improves on her skills as a warrior and a leader.

2.) Star Wars Rebels

Ahsoka in Star Wars Rebels fighting Inquisitor
Star Wars

Ahsoka returns in Star Wars Rebels as an adult after honing her skills even further, assisting the Ghost Ship crew with a number of missions in the first two seasons along with Season 4.

The Ahsoka series is even said to be something akin to Season 5 of Rebels with a handful of characters returning from the animated series, all as the former Jedi warrior works to rediscover her place in the galaxy.

3.) Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi

Ahsoka in Tales of the Jedi
Star Wars

Ahsoka Tano is the centerpiece of two episodes of Tales of the Jedi, highlighting two vastly different time periods in the iconic Star Wars character's life.

One episode takes a look at the character only shortly after her birth on her home planet while the other takes her back to her Clone Wars days during an interaction with Star Wars icon Anakin Skywalker.

How Will Ashoka's Journey Continue on Disney+?

With this series taking place during the same timeframe as The Mandalorian Season 3, Ahsoka will finally give fans a long-awaited look into the titular warrior's journey after more than a year away from the small screen.

And while there will be a number of differences to Ahsoka from what fans saw in the aforementioned animated series, fans will get plenty of nods to the character's past history as her future unfolds as well.

Ahsoka will premiere with a two-episode debut on August 23 on Disney+.

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