New Ahsoka Set Photos Hint at Jedi Temple Ruins In Rosario Dawson’s Disney+ Show

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Ahsoka Disney Plus set photos

Lucasfilm is set to begin production imminently on its next live-action series, Ahsoka. The show will put The Clone Wars' beloved heroine front and center, continuing both the mission she's on in the MandoVerse and the quest to find Ezra Bridger after Star Wars Rebels. Rosario Dawson returns to the starring role she first brought to life in The Mandalorian Season 2 and later in The Book of Boba Fett, with Star Wars powerhouse Dave Filoni serving as writer and showrunner.

By and large, Ahsoka has an open slate in terms of story. The character's appearance in The Mandalorian revealed that she was on the hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn and, by extension, Ezra, but once those two have been located, anything can happen. Hayden Christensen will reportedly reprise his role of Anakin Skywalker in the series, likely as a Force ghost and perhaps even in flashbacks. For Ahsoka herself, the show promises to be as much an emotional journey as a physical one.

With the beginning of the project on the horizon, Star Wars fans have reason to start getting excited. The MandoVerse has proven to be Lucasfilm's most popular venture in the Disney era, and a series dedicated to one of the most iconic animated characters in live-action will surely be a hit. As things for Ahsoka ramp up, the first images from the show's set have been leaked, hinting at where the story may take the titular star.

Temple Ruin Photos Leaked From Ahsoka Set

Bespin Bulletin has shared the first leaked photos from the set of Ahsoka, featuring the ruins of an old temple.

Ahsoka Set Photos
Bespin Bulletin

Additionally, the outlet reported that shooting will take place at Manhattan Beach Studios and the train yard location, the latter of which is home to the temple ruins set. Filming for the series is said to begin in late April, though that could potentially push back to early May.

Ahsoka Disney+ Set Photos
Bespin Bulletin


Ahsoka Headed to the Ruins of the Jedi... or Sith?

Anything is on the table with the temple ruins at the moment. With Ahsoka having clear ties to the Jedi, venturing out to an old temple as part of her quest would be a natural choice.

While Ahsoka is presumably still not a Jedi herself, Ezra Bridger is, and it's possible that the temple could leave hints to his whereabouts. If Ezra visited the site at any point following Rebels, then he may have left a trail for Ahsoka to follow.

Of course, the big remaining question is where the ruins of this temple are actually located. Few in the galaxy seem to know where Ezra and Thrawn went after the Rebels finale, though Ahsoka likely received a solid clue from the Magistrate in The Mandalorian. There's a good chance the temple is somewhere in the Unknown Regions of space, somewhere few Jedi would have had the opportunity to explore even before Order 66 wiped the religion out.

For fun, it's also worth exploring the possibility that the ruins belong to a temple of the Sith...perhaps one Star Wars fans are already familiar with. The planet Malachor played host to the monumental events of "Twilight of the Apprentice" in Rebels, housing a massive Sith temple that was ultimately destroyed. Darth Vader was seen emerging from the wreckage at the end of the episode, and audiences now know that Ahsoka does, too.

If Ahsoka takes advantage of having Hayden Christensen aboard the cast, the chances for flashbacks to Vader and Ahsoka's duel on Malachor are high. Given the interactions they'll likely be having as part of a process to make peace in the present day, the chilling confrontation when they were enemies could be a pivotal thing to show in the series. Fans might even see how Ahsoka managed to get off Malachor, which would tie a bow on her Rebels storyline.

Ahsoka is expected to release on Disney+ in 2023.

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