Star Wars Rebels Season 5: Creator Teases Continuation of Story

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For those wishing for a Star Wars Rebels Season 5, series creator Dave Filoni teased that a continuation may be on the way. 

The beloved animated Star Wars series came to an end more than five years ago, closing on a shocking cliffhanger that has left fans wanting more ever since. 

While a full-on Season 5 may not be in the cards, the upcoming Mandalorian spin-off series Ahsoka will (at least in part) serve as a follow-up to Rebels

Rebels characters like Hera Syndulla, Zeb Orellios, and Grand Andirmal Thrawn are all set to make their live-action debuts in the upcoming series; however, it remains unknown just how much of a sequel Ahsoka will feel like to the canceled animated series. 

Dave Filoni on a Rebels Continuation

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Speaking in a recent interview with EW, Star Wars Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni teased a continuation of the hit animated series in the upcoming Ahsoka show. 

When asked if 'Ahsoka really just a season 5 of Rebels, only in live action,' Filoni seemed to agree to an extent, stating, "That's one way of looking at it:"

"That's an interesting question. I suppose that's one way of looking at it, because of the epilogue that I did in 'Rebels.' Definitely all signs are indicating that there's a continuation."

Filoni added while some people like to keep animated stories separate from live-action, he doesn't "limit things" like that:

"For me, when I'm telling those stories, I don't limit things like, 'Oh, well, I did it an animation, so I would do it distinctly different in live action.' There's just the story that it is, and I was telling it in one medium."

He closed by saying that everything he has done within the Star Wars universe has gotten him to this point, going from Clone Wars to Rebels to The Mandalorian, all leading him to Ahsoka:

"'Rebels' is a different style than 'Clone Wars.' Even visually, that changed the way I could execute certain things in 'Rebels.' The story kind of evolved since I worked on 'Rebels.' Working with [Jon Favreau] and setting things down in 'The Mandalorian' created an opportunity to see: How does 'Ahsoka' work as a character in live action?"

Is Ahsoka Star Wars Rebels Season 5? 

For some time there was some talk about a Rebels sequel series set to follow up on the events teased at the very end of Rebels. However, those plans look to be abandoned, at least in the form they may have originally been conceived. 

For all intents and purposes, Ahsoka is that Rebels sequel. Sure, it will not be animated like the original series was, but it is really looking like it will serve very much the same purpose that the original sequel was going to. 

Plus, having this story told in the form of Ahsoka means that it gets to play a part of the greater Disney+ MandoVerse, something that will eventually make its way to the big screen with the recently announced MandoVerse movie

It remains to be seen if Ahsoka will be able to balance tying up Rebels threads and moving this Mandalorian story forward, but hopefully, fans of the animated series will get the goodbye to the Rebels crew they have been wishing for. 

Ahsoka comes to Disney+ this August. 

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