Red Notice 2 Release, Cast and Everything We Know

Will the trio of Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson return in Red Notice 2?

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The Flash Movie Cast, Characters & Actors

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8 Best Actresses to Replace Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

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Gal Gadot
30 April 1985
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
Notable Projects:
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
Wonder Woman
Justice League
Wonder Woman 1984
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Latest Gal Gadot News

Justice League: Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Featured in New Snyder Cut DC FanDome Tease

Zack Snyder shares a new image from behind-the-scenes of Justice League, hinting at a new teaser releasing this weekend at DC Fandome

By Tom Drew -

Justice League: Joss Whedon Reacts to Gal Gadot's Claims About Toxic Behavior

Justice League director Joss Whedon shared his reaction to the abuse claims of Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot in a new interview.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot Open to Marvel Movie Role

Gal Gadot admitted that she's open for a Wonder Woman and Avengers crossover.

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Disney's Snow White: Gal Gadot Breaks Silence on Her Evil Queen Role

Gal Gadot offers up a wicked tidbit about her upcoming role in Disney's Snow White

By Klein Felt -

Gal Gadot, Lynda Carter & More Celebrate DC’s Wonder Woman Day

Gal Gadot, Jim Lee, Patty Jenkins and Lynda Carter take to Twitter to celebrate Wonder Woman Day

By Richard Nebens -

Zack Snyder's Justice League: Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman & Amazon Warriors Featured in New Set Photos

Justice League cinematographer teases ten new photos featuring the Amazonians and Wonder Woman in the Snyder Cut.

By Richard Nebens -

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984 Expected To Lose Money, Per Analysts

Analysts believe that Wonder Woman 1984 will make a financial loss, comparing it unfavorably to Warner Bros.' Tenet.

By Tom Drew -

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984: Action-Heavy Scene Released at MTV Awards, New Poster Unveiled

A video clip and another new poster for Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984 has been released.

By Pierre Chanliau -

Wonder Woman 1984: Two New Action Scenes Show Gal Gadot's Diana Fighting Bad Guys

Two new clips from Wonder Woman 1984 show off new uses for her tiara.

By Pierre Chanliau -

Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot Cast as Disney Villain in Snow White Remake

Gal Gadot reportedly signed on to play the Evil Queen in Disney's live-action Snow White adaptaion.

By Richard Nebens -

Justice League: Gal Gadot Reveals Her Absence From Snyder Cut Reshoots

Gal Gadot reveals that she didn't film any extra material for the Snyder Cut of Justice League and talks on how nothing surprises her anymore.

By Richard Nebens -

Gal Gadot Reveals How Old Her DC Character Is In Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot reveals that Wonder Woman is close to 3,000 years old through the course of Wonder Woman 1984.

By Richard Nebens -

Zack Snyder Shares Photo of Gal Gadot's First Day as Wonder Woman on Batman V Superman Set

Zack Snyder praised Gal Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman in a latest tweet.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Zack Snyder Hypes Up 2021 With New Photo of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman From Justice League

A new image showing Diana investigating ruins was released by Zack Snyder.

By Pierre Chanliau -

Wonder Woman 1984 Director Teases Two More Stories For Gal Gadot's DC Hero

Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins has two more stories to tell in the Wonder Woman saga, but she is unsure if she will direct them herself.

By Richard Nebens -

HBO Max Announces Wonder Woman 1984 Watch Party With Gal Gadot & Patty Jenkins

HBO Max announces a Watch Party for Wonder Woman 1984 with director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot.

By Richard Nebens -

Wonder Woman 1984 Easter Egg: Batman Villain Plays Minor Role In Gal Gadot Film

Batman character Simon Stagg appears in Wonder Woman 1984.

By Tom Drew -

Shazam 2 Star Teases Gal Gadot's Possible Wonder Woman Cameo

Shazam 2 star gave a nod to the rumors that Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman showing up in the sequel.

By Matt Roembke -

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Reportedly Sets Exciting Return In 2023 DC Movie

Gal Gadot will reportedly make a cameo appearance in one of 2023's DC movies.

By Richard Nebens -

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Returning In Multiple Upcoming DC Movies

It’s been confirmed that Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will be returning in multiple DC movies.

By Russ Milheim -

Is Gal Gadot Hinting at a Wonder Woman & Supergirl Movie Crossover With Latest Photo?

Supergirl's Sasha Calle's appearance in Gal Gadot's Instagram story leads to speculation that Wonder Woman may appear in The Flash.

By Savannah Sanders -

Wonder Woman Spotted In New Shazam 2 Footage - But Not Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman appeared in new footage from Shazam!: Fury of the Gods.

By Richard Nebens -

Gal Gadot Shares Promising Wonder Woman 3 Update

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins noted that the script for the upcoming threequel is in development.

By Liam Crowley -

Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot Shares Photos of Her & Chris Pine From Spain Set

Two new behind-the-scenes photos from the Wonder Woman 1984 set feature a charming moment between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Gal Gadot's Replacement Actress Celebrates Wonder Woman Cameo (Photos)

Peacemaker's finale featured a surprising Justice League cameo, and now one of those secret actors has revealed new BTS photos.

By Russ Milheim -

Death on the Nile Review: Why It's Worth Watching

The sequel to 2017's Murder on the Orient Express has finally arrived.

By Liam Crowley -

Gal Gadot Reveals When Wonder Woman 3 Likely Starts Filming

Gal Gadot shared a production timeframe for Warner Bros' Wonder Woman 3.

By Richard Nebens -

New Gal Gadot Photos Tease Wonder Woman's Role In The Flash

New photos from actress Gal Gadot indicate that she will indeed appear as Wonder Woman in The Flash.

By Pierre Chanliau -

Wonder Woman 3 Director Exits Gal Gadot's Cleopatra for DC & Star Wars Movies

Patty Jenkins has focused her attention on her DC and Star Wars projects after departing the Gal Gadot-led Cleopatra biopic.

By Sam Hargrave -

Wonder Woman 3: Gal Gadot Promises Improved Role for Lynda Carter

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot expressed how excited she is to be working with Lynda Carter on the upcoming third film in the series.

By Russ Milheim -

HBO Max Celebrates Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck & Gal Gadot's Justice League Heroes on New Poster

HBO Max revealed a new poster for its DC Hub on the platform that showcases Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

By Nathan Johnson -

Justice League: Gal Gadot Reflects on Abusive Comments From Joss Whedon

Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot reflected on director Joss Whedon's comments and treatment on the set of DC's Justice League.

By Savannah Sanders -

The Flash: Set Photo Reveals Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman on Central City Bus

Two Twitter users shared behind-the-scenes images from Warner Bros.' The Flash.

By Richard Nebens -

Justice League: Gal Gadot Confirms Threats To Her Career Were Made By Joss Whedon

Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot revealed details of what director Joss Whedon threatened to do on the set of Justice League.

By Richard Nebens -

Justice League: Joss Whedon Reportedly Threatened Gal Gadot's Career During Reshoots

It was revealed in a report that Joss Whedon forced Gal Gadot to record lines she didn't like during the production of Justice League.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Gal Gadot Releases New Wonder Woman 1984 Blooper Reel

Wonder Woman 1984 star Gal Gadot has released a new blooper reel from the film.

By Julia Delbel -

Justice League Snyder Cut: Set Photos Highlight Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman & Crew

The image shows Gal Gadot preparing for an action-packed scene while Zack Snyder oversees.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Zack Snyder's Justice League: New Clip Shows Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Fighting Steppenwolf

Two new clips from Zack Snyder's Justice League have been released including Wonder Woman's fight with Steppenwolf.

By Pierre Chanliau -

Zack Snyder's Justice League: Wonder Woman Fights Steppenwolf In New Trailer

The trailer shows off an intense battle between Wonder Woman and Steppenwolf.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

DC Reveals Robert Pattinson's The Batman, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman & More on Official Guide

DC reveals Robert Pattinson's The Batman, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, and more on the cover of an official comics guide.

By Benny Stein -