HBO Max Celebrates Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck & Gal Gadot's Justice League Heroes on New Poster

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Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, HBO Max

For nearly 80 years, Batman and Superman have been the face of DC Comics. Shortly after their debuts, Wonder Woman came along in the early 1940s to rival the popularity of the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight, rounding out the big three in the world of DC.

Over time, many different adaptations of all three characters have been translated to the film industry in the form of both TV series as well as theatrical films. Many fans consider 1978's Superman movie to be the breakthrough project that kickstarted the comic book movie industry, and the success of the genre today is often attributed to that film.

When the DCEU was gearing up to rival the MCU, Man of Steel was tasked to kick off the soon-to-be interconnected universe. A few years later, one of the most anticipated comic book movies of all time, Batman V. Superman, finally hit theaters. While the film itself didn't quite hit the mark that most fans hoped it would, it did introduce Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman to the franchise, and DC's main trio was finally on screen together for the first time.

Justice League brought the three characters together again and, despite a weak and disappointing story for most fans, seeing the three cornerstones of DC share an entire movie together was a huge deal. Even though Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman aren't set to be returning to the DCEU in any major roles in the future, HBO Max still recognizes them as the franchise's faces.

New DC Poster on HBO Max

Reddit user u/JeVoudraisEsperer shared a post that highlighted the new poster promoting the DC Hub of HBO Max on the Roku app.

HBO Max DC Hub

The poster showcases Henry Cavill's Superman, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, and Ben Affleck's Batman with the DC logo below them.

The DC Hub on the streaming service is the location that features every project under the franchise tag, including DCEU films, animated movies, and TV series.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, HBO Max Poster


Leading the DC Charge

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman have led DC for almost 80 years. When looking at the franchise as a whole, they are the three most popular characters by a wide margin.

Batman alone has been the focus of more movies and has appeared in more projects than almost any other fictional character throughout film history. Superman and Wonder Woman have had their fair share of appearances as well, with multiple TV series and movies under their belts through the years.

It makes perfect sense that DC and HBO Max would let them represent the brand as a whole, seeing the impact that they have made throughout time.

With Wonder Woman 3 already confirmed for the future of the DCEU, The Batman being arguably the most anticipated comic book movie of 2022, and Superman & Lois' success on the CW network, the trio of characters will continue to cement their already huge legacy for years to come.

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