Shazam 2 Star Teases Gal Gadot's Possible Wonder Woman Cameo

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Wonder Woman, Shazam 2 Rumors

With the recent shakeup in the upcoming schedule for the DC Extended Universe, there is no telling who could pop up in what project. While fans are disappointed to see The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom moved to 2023, one bit of good news in the new release order is Shazam! Fury of the Gods will come in December of this year. Many are hoping that Black Adam will give audiences an idea of what to expect from the Shazam! the sequel, but there is still plenty to be excited about on the surface. 

The ending to Shazam! back in 2019 gave fans a look at the family in full form. The Power Rangers-esque cliffhanger has the masses excited to see this dynamic play out over an entire movie. To add to that hype, Hollywood legends Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu signed on as the film's antagonists, playing goddesses Hespera and Kalypso respectively. Along with that dynamic duo comes their little sister, Atlas, played by West Side Story star Rachel Zegler

Zegler is also starring as the title character for Disney's Snow White, set to release in 2023. Zegler is quickly rising up the ranks from Spielberg musicals to Disney cornerstone IPs. Her first major role in the blockbuster superhero genre will add to that rise and it seems that she is already forming relationships with the biggest names in the business along the way. 

Goddesses in Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot

Fandom reported, via a recent interview with Empire Magazine, that Rachel Zegler gave a nod to a possible cameo for one of the cornerstones of the DCEU, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, in Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Gadot is set to star as the Evil Queen opposite Zegler's Snow White in the upcoming live-action Disney reboot. Zegler teases that their time on the set of Snow White was not their first encounter. 

'I'm not going to say much, but [filming Snow White] wasn't our first meeting'

Shazam 2 isn't the only upcoming DC project that Gal Gadot is rumored to appear in before the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman 3.

Wonder Woman vs Gods and Goddesses

Rachel Zegler is set to join Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu as antagonistic goddesses opposing the Shazam-clan in the sequel. This gives a pretty clear indication of how a possible cameo from Wonder Woman could work. After all, she is the leading expert on dealing with ill-intent god-like beings in the DCEU. 

In 2017's Wonder Woman, Gadot's Diana Prince was tasked with taking down Ares, the God of War. With characters like Hespera, Kalypso, and Atlas set to appear in Shazam! 2, it would make sense that Wonder Woman is keeping tabs on them. This could be another great step forward towards Shazam and his crew integrating with the greater DCEU. Zachary Levi's character has already met and asked a favor of Superman, and it seems Wonder Woman could be next. 

Zegler's nod here is especially exciting considering the state of DCEU cameos in 2022. With the Peacemaker finale making the decision to cameo four members of the Justice League (Superman, Aquaman, Flash, and Wonder Woman) but only featuring two of the actors (Jason Mamoa and Ezra Miller), it is interesting that Wonder Woman could technically have a cameo appearance in 3 different DC projects over 2022 and 2023. 

If all rumors hold true, then Wonder Woman will have appeared in Peacemaker, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and The Flash by 2023. While Gal Gadot was not present for her Peacemaker cameo, it is hard to imagine she won't be involved in the other two that are on the rumor mill. With the state of cornerstone actors in the DCEU being in flux, having Gadot appear in other projects would likely cement her as the franchise player of the blue brand. 

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is star-studded, seemingly action-packed, and a colorful battle between godlike characters. It would only make sense for Diana Prince to get involved and re-establish her spot at the top of the DC roster. 

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