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Shazam 2: Leaked Set Photo Reveals Spoilery Scene With Rachel Ziegler & Jack Dylan Grazer

Shazam 2 Rachel Ziegler Zachary Levi
By Russ Milheim

The DCU finally saw a brand-new film since the release of Wonder Woman 1984  last December, and it came in the form of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. The film landed with some incredibly positive reviews from critics and fans alike. 

These days, it's pretty rare for a DCU film to provoke such a positive and loud reaction. The last one to do so was 2019's Shazam!, which starred Zachary Levi as the titular hero. The relatively unknown hero was shot straight into the spotlight––something that seems to be common place these days. 

The film's sequel, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, has been filming in Atlanta for a few months now. Lots of glimpses of on-set action have been leaked online, such as Zachary Levi's Shazam having a bad day, and the hero having a sit down with Helen Mirren's Hespera.

Now, another glimpse of the film's set shows a particularly spoilery scene, involving newcomer Rachel Ziegler and original cast member Jack Dylan Grazer.


Rachel Zegler Shazam

In a spoilery photo taken of the set of the upcoming film Shazam: Fury of the Gods, actors Rachel Ziegler and Jack Dylan Grazer can be seen sharing a kiss.

Jack Dylan Grazer is returning as Billy's best friend Freddy, while Rachel Ziegler's role remains unknown.

The photo can be seen in the Tweet below:



While there is no context available to help interpret what exactly is happening, what can be gained at the very least is that a romantic plot between the two characters will be a focus throughout Shazam's sequel. 

When the main two villains of the film happen to be completely original, one can't help but think Ziegler's mystery role is something sinister––perhaps a secret comics-based villain lying in wait. If that is the case, then Freddy may be in trouble.

Maybe the film is aiming to put more strain on Billy and Freddy's friendship by having Freddy find something else to focus on. A potential role easily filled by a romantic subplot between Grazer and Ziegler.

With Billy/Shazam distracted by Hesperus and Kalypso, if Ziegler is indeed a villain in the shadows, then Freddy may be in a lot more danger than he realizes.

Of course, there's always the possibility Ziegler is not evil at all, and she could be the key to stopping whatever it is Shazam and company are dealing with in Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

It probably won't be until the first trailer at the earliest before anything significant is revealed about what role Rachel Ziegler has in the grand scheme of things.

There's a small chance fans might see some footage at this October's DC Fandome, but it's unlikely as the film isn't set to hit theaters until June 2, 2023. At least fans will have The Rock's Black Adam to hold them over in the meantime.