Shazam 2: New Set Photos Spell Danger For Zachary Levi's Superhero

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As Shazam! Fury of the Gods continues production, new bits of information are being released. Fans were recently treated to an official look at the full Marvel family in new, more textured, and slightly darkened costumes. While some were upset by the updated looks, actor Zachary Levi addressed the issue outright, noting that not only are the suits still colorful, they are "a huge upgrade."

Images of one of the sequel's antagonists have also leaked out, with set photos showing Helen Mirren in costume as Hespera making their way around the web. While the pictures don't show the actress at her most villainous, they do offer a good look at the outfit she'll be sporting in the film. Mirren will be joined by actress Lucy Liu, playing her sister, Kalypso.

Even more pictures from the set of the movie have leaked out, providing a look at a battle-worn version of a key costume from the film.


Shazam Zachary Levi

A series of new photos released by Just Jared shows actor Zachary Levi in his new costume on the set of Shazam! Fury of the Gods. These pictures show a somewhat altered look, with a large burn mark across the front and side of the suit.

Twitter user @CreamOrScream posted multiple behind-the-scenes looks at this new, damaged outfit.



Based on these images, it looks like Shazam will be facing even bigger threats in his second cinematic outing. While it’s unclear who or what the hero is facing in this sequence, it’s fair to assume the damage done to his costume is a result of a battle with one of the film’s main antagonists, Hespera or Kalypso. 

Even as little is known about either villain, they look to be quite the match for Levi’s Shazam, especially if, as these images suggest, he ends up facing them alone. However, production photos are often misleading, and it is possible that the full Marvel family will unite against them.

As the project is still undergoing production, it’s not altogether likely that new footage will be released anytime soon to add context to these images. Even so, other leaked photos may help tide fans over as they wait for the film’s release on June 2, 2023.

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