Shazam 2: Helen Mirren Spotted In Supervillain Costume on Movie Set (Photos)

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Helen Mirren Shazam 2 Costume

Filming is going strong for Warner Bros.’ Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which will continue the story for one of the DCEU’s most critically successful films to date. Zachary Levi and his castmates are back to play the god-like hero and the rest of the Shazam family in a movie that should up the ante in many ways from its 2019 predecessor.

Alongside Levi will be a few all-star newcomers, including names like longtime Shazam fan and world-renowned comedian Sinbad. Additionally, two of the film’s villains will be played by Hollywood legends in their own right: action regular Lucy Liu and Academy Award-winner Helen Mirren.

With numerous set photos having released over the past few weeks, the DC faithful are curious about how some of these new players will fit into this massive superhero movie universe. The excitement continues on that front with new images that just came to light online.


Helen Mirren Shazam

Just Jared revealed the first look at Helen Mirren on the set of 2023's Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Mirren is fully suited up in her armored costume to play the villainous Hespera.

These shots appear to show Mirren's Hespera sitting across from Zachary Levi's Shazam eating a fast-food lunch at a picnic table. This could be some kind of negotiation between the hero and villain, especially if Hespera is aware of Shazam's secret identity of Billy Batson.



Warner Bros stepped up the casting game in a big way with the addition of Helen Mirren, regarded as one of the most well-known actresses of her generation. These images make her DCEU debut a true reality as fans see her next to superhero movie veteran Zachary Levi.

Mirren in full costume looks expectedly intimidating even not in character, especially considering this is a new venture for her into this kind of project. Then again, only Helen Mirren could look that formidable simply sitting and eating lunch at a picnic bench.

It will be interesting to find out exactly what leads to Shazam and the DCEU's newest supervillain to sit down for lunch together, although it surely tracks considering the comedy that flourished in 2019's Shazam!. Levi's childlike enthusiasm will surely come through even in the face of pure evil, and the details behind this meet-up will be quite a mystery to solve.

Even though director David F. Sandberg offered fans a small tease for what's coming in this movie, it will likely be awhile before Hespera's full capabilities are shown off in new footage. That being said, these pictures brought confirmation of Mirren's involvement are exciting enough as literal royalty takes her place amongst the DCEU's finest.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is currently filming and will release in theaters on June 2, 2023.

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