Zack Snyder Reveals Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman's Original Backstory

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

The DCEU successfully opened a new chapter due to the arrival of Wonder Woman 1984 , officially ushering in a different era of projects that will likely elevate the franchise in surprising ways.

During last August's DC FanDome online event, it was made clear that big things are coming for the film slate of the up-and-coming franchise, as it was confirmed that the multiverse will play a major role moving forward.

As a result, previous films of the DC Universe are now part of the vast DCEU canon; this was further solidified during 2019's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover when Ezra Miller's Scarlet Speedster met Grant Gustin's Flash in the Speed Force. This means that filmmakers will be given the chance to explore several versions of heroes and even villains in different projects, ultimately crafting a story that could surprise fans.

In retrospect, Zack Snyder served as the champion of the DCEU, and his vision essentially served as the guide of the franchise's roadmap which dates back all the way to 2013's Man of Steel . The director's involvement led to the debuts of the live-action DC Trinity, with these characters earning admiration from fans.

Given that, it wouldn't be surprising if future plans of the DCEU include the franchise's original trinity of heroes, but in a different world or setting altogether to pay respect to the multiverse model. And now, Snyder disclosed an interesting tidbit about Wonder Woman, seemingly hinting that an alternate story could be explored in the future.


In a tweet , Zack Snyder shared a better look at the previously-revealed image of Wonder Woman in the Crimean War. The high-definition photo shows the Amazonian hero alongside several warriors from the war.

Wonder Woman Crimean War Image
From Zack Snyder

Upon sharing the image, the visionary director revealed more details about this “else-word, war-weary” version of the DC hero, pointing out that Diana “chased Ares across battlefields of the world” and she “had yet to meet Steve [Trevor]” during this point in time.

Meanwhile, Suicide Squad director David Ayer unveiled that Snyder actually showed him this photo "years ago" while also admitting that his “jaw hit the floor” when it happened.


At this point, anything is possible for the DCEU, and the arrival of Zack Snyder's Justice League should serve as solid proof of that. Snyder has been known to share interesting details about several DC characters, and this new revelation about Wonder Woman is a fascinating one, to say the least.

A “war-weary” Diana would no doubt be interesting to explore in a potential film or even HBO Max series since it has the potential to redefine the Wonder Woman character once more. More so, Snyder's use of the word “else-world” is intriguing since he also used the term to describe his version of Justice League .

The concept of “else-world” stories is a fascinating idea for the DCEU to expand upon if the reception to the Snyder Cut is overwhelmingly positive. This gives an opportunity for Warner Bros. to tell more compelling stories about iconic heroes without the risk of clashing with the interconnected narrative that was already established.

If Warner Bros. decides to take a risk in adapting alternate stories for DC heroes, there's a good chance that Snyder will heed the call in a heartbeat to adapt a more dangerous take on the Amazonian hero.

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