Disney's Snow White: Gal Gadot Breaks Silence on Her Evil Queen Role

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When Gal Gadot isn't saving the world as Wonder Woman or putting the pedal to the metal in the Fast and Furious franchise, she is exploring a variety of other roles elsewhere in Hollywood. The latest of these will be in 2024's live-action remake of Snow White

Playing opposite Rachel Zegler's Snow White, Gadot will take on the role of the evil Queen Grimhilde in this retelling of a Disney animated classic. This is a bit of a departure for the Israeli actress, who for much of her career has played the hero of her Hollywood stories.

Snow White

With Gadot taking on the evil queen, she will also get the opportunity to completely transform into the seminal Old Hag character who fans know offers the infamous apple to Snow White. This transformation was exciting for the DCEU actress as revealed in a new interview at D23. 

A Transformation for Gal Gadot

Speaking with Variety at D23, Snow White actress Gal Gadot and her co-star Rachel Zegler revealed that the transformation into the film's Old Hag character took at least four hours. 

Snow White

When asked what it was like seeing herself on-screen as the iconic Disney villain, Gadot joked that she "still [hasn't] seen anything" from the film, but did note that the "transition for the Old Hag" took her "four hours" in a makeup chair:

 Gadot: "We did not see the clip, so I still haven't seen anything. But when I was in makeup, just like she [Rachel Zegler], we got to work with such an amazing crew and it was the best it could ever be.I must say for me the transition for the Old Hag was incredible because it was all real prosthetics."

Zegler: "You were in the chair for like four hours."

Gadot: "Four hours. And changing the voice and everything. I feel so lucky that I got to play something that is so far from what I know and what I'm used to. And I super super enjoyed every second of it."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the same Anaheim event, the actress acknowledged that this is so "different than anything that [she has] ever [done] before," calling the experience "delicious:"

"It was amazing. It was an amazing experience. First of all, I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to play the first iconic villain ever. And to tell her story and to get into her shoes, I'm honored to do that. And it was great.

She's so much different than anything that I have ever played before. And it was great to explore all of those differences, and to sing, and to dance. It was just delicious. And I enjoyed every moment with it."

Changing things up for Snow White

When Gadot says a figure like four hours in a makeup chair to essentially transform into this iconic Disney character, some will be shocked. But this is not something that should be all that surprising. 

Given the fact that this look is supposedly being done largely by way of prosthetics, it makes total sense for the time to prep an appearance like that to be upwards of 240 minutes. This is something that Disney is no stranger to ,with projects like the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 breaking the "World Record for 'the most makeup appliances created for a single production."

For talent taking on these sorts of roles, large sums of time in a makeup chair is just something that comes with the territory. However, it is not hard to tell just how much Gadot loves exploring a different type of role than what she usually takes on. Just listening, one can hear the genuine excitement she has for the part, and hopefully, that will come across on-screen. 

Snow White is set to hit theaters sometime in 2024. 

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