Latest DCU Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters News

Zack Snyder Contacted James Gunn About New DC Reboot Slate

Jame Gunn revealed that former DCEU mastermind Zack Snyder has reached out about the new DC Studios slate.

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James Gunn Reveals How Star Wars Will Influence DC's New Movie Universe

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn revealed that he is looking at the galaxy far, far away to inspire the new DCU.

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DC Announces 2 Justice League Actors Who Will Get Recast

DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran announced which Justice league actors will get recast in the new DCU.

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Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow Movie: Everything We Know So Far

James Gunn has revealed the first plot details of the new DCU's Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

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New DC Movie Slate ‘A Lot More Planned Out’ Than Marvel Phase 1, Claims James Gunn

James Gunn recently described what makes the new DCU different from the MCU.

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DC Makes Surprising Announcement on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Future

DC co-CEO Peter Safran discussed Jason Momoa's uncertain future as Aquaman in the DCU.

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James Gunn Debunks DCEU 'Reset' Rumor Following New Announcements

James Gunn recently set the record straight on if The Flash will completely reset the DCU or not.

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Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement Even Younger Than Expected (Report)

Henry Cavill's Superman replacement is reportedly younger than fans expected.

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Viola Davis Breaks Silence on Amanda Waller Show Announcement

Viola Davis expressed her excitement about DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn announcing an Amanda Waller spin-off titled "Waller."

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Did Marvel’s Logan Director Just Announce His New DC Reboot Movie?

After a cryptic social media post, it looks as though James Mangold could be interested in directing DC's Swamp Thing.

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Marvel Fans Share Mixed Reactions to DC’s Huge Movie Slate Announcement

Marvel fans have reacted to all the new projects in development for the DCU.

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Angry SnyderVerse Fans Reject Studio Plan, Get ‘Fire James Gunn’ Trending

Following James Gunn's reveal of the new upcoming DCU slate, some fans expressed their disappointment.

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James Gunn Reveals First Photo of New DC Universe With Creature Commandos Image

DC Studios' James Gunn revealed the first look at the new DCU with an official Creature Commandos image.

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Booster Gold TV Show Announced Amid Chris Pratt Casting Hopes

A new Booster Gold television show has been announced, and fans already seem confident in who they want to see play the titular hero.

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The Authority Movie Announced: DC Reveals Its Answer to The Boys

Part of the newly announced slate of DC films comes DC's newest on-screen team of more aggressive heroes.

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New DC Slate: Every Movie & TV Show Announced In DCU Reboot

James Gunn and Peter Safran's DCU reboot is in full swing, and here's every new project to expect.

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New Wonder Woman TV Show Announced: Will Gal Gadot Be Replaced?

New information about DC Studios' Wonder Woman TV show has led to questions about Gal Gadot's role.

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New Superman Movie Without Henry Cavill Officially Announces Release Date & More

James Gunn announced a brand-new Superman movie that will kick off his slate of DCU projects.

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James Gunn Teases DC Movie 'Chapters' That Could Copy Marvel Phases

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn provided a hint at how his new DC Universe will be organized.

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