Batman's Reboot Movie Gets Concerning Development Update from Director

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After being announced by James Gunn in 2023, the upcoming Batman reboot, The Brave and The Bold, has received a concerning update.

During the DC Studios slate announcement at the end of January 2023, co-President James Gunn announced The Brave and The Bold, a Batman tale focusing on Bruce's son Damian Wayne.

Based on Grant Morrison's comics, many fans were excited about the idea of embracing the Bat-Family in live-action. Anticipation only rose when director Andy Muschietti was attached to direct in June 2023.

However, there have been few updates since then, and Matt Reeves' Elseworlds movie The Batman: Part II being delayed a year will make many DC fans worried about the studio's theatrical timeline.

Batman Reboot Development Update

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A recent article from The Hollywood Reporter focusing on Andy and Barbara Muschietti confirmed that the filmmaking duo hasn't committed to the next movie they'll be making.

This update suggests that The Brave and the Bold may not be director Andy Muschietti's next project. This news comes as a concern to fans who are eager for the DCU's first Batman flick to ramp up its development and coming production.

Despite the initial announcement in June 2023, indicating that the project would soon take on their full attention, this movie possibly not being Muschietti's next project implies a longer timeline for its filming start date.

For clarity, The Brave and the Bold was never given a release date, but few DC Studios' films have been linked to a director. Only Superman (James Gunn) and Swamp Thing (James Mangold) have directors attached in the upcoming DC slate.

Some fans may not find this a surprise as Gunn confirmed back in November 2023 that The Brave and The Bold did not "even have a script yet."

The inverse of this is also happening at DC Studios, with Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow's script being complete and the leading actress already being cast.

Soon, Gunn and co-President Peter Safran will need to update fans on when to expect announced projects, but it's safe to say The Brave and The Bold is nowhere near releasing in theaters.

When Will The Brave and The Bold Release?

DC fans who are excited about the upcoming rebooted universe, starting with Creature Commandos and Superman, will need to exercise patience on other projects.

The Brave and The Bold is coming, reinforced by the reported Teen Titans movie, but Muschietti may not be committing it as his next movie because it's not ready.

Considering The Batman sequel won't release until October 2026, it's most likely that the next Batman reboot won't hit theaters until at least 2027.

The reasoning is that The Batman: Part II has been in development for years, with a full cast and crew in place, but was thwarted by the 2023 Hollywood strikes.

During this catch-up period, every major studio will be racing to film and distribute long-planned content, further pushing The Brave and The Bold down the conveyor belt.

The other factor that DC Studios has to navigate is developing two separate Batman films simultaneously. 

While Gunn has confirmed that the DCU's Batman film can be released before the end of Matt Reeves' trilogy, audience confusion should be considered.

For the sake of not overextending the character's popularity, Warner Bros. may determine that the two films shouldn't be released anytime near each other. 

The Brave and The Bold is set to be directed by Andy Muschietti with no current release date.

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