Batman's Reboot Movie Gets Promising Release Update from James Gunn

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DC is doubling down on cinematic Batman, and James Gunn offered a release update on the character’s upcoming film outings.

Shortly after Gunn was given the keys to the DCU kingdom as co-CEO of DC Studios, the ex-Marvel director laid out his and Peter Safran’s plans to revitalize the blue brand’s film and television slate

Among the promised projects was a new take on Batman and Robin in The Brave and the Bold.

Gunn Teases Plans for The Brave and the Bold's Release

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On Threads, DCU boss James Gunn responded to a fan’s question regarding exactly when the new Batman reboot movie The Brave and the Bold will come out.

Threads user juliano.020 asked whether or not Brave and the Bold would debut after Matt Reeves has finished making his The Batman trilogy.

Gunn’s reply? A short and sweet, "No."

The Batman Part II is scheduled for an October 2025 premiere, meaning that The Brave and the Bold could be out as soon as 2026. Though it seems possible Warner Bros. would choose to wait and create a bit of a gap in-between Batman films.

Elsewhere on the social media platform, James Gunn noted portions of the DCU itinerary have shifted, stating that "some projects [are] now earlier, others later" mainly due to the status of a given production’s script:

"Some things have shifted around - some projects now earlier, others later, & other new projects are being developed. Like I said from the beginning, we are going to put things in production based on when we have a great script, & nothing else. And luckily we’ve had some great scripts take us by surprise."

Another user asked Gunn for reassurance that The Batman sequel had not been canceled, which elicited another "No" from the CEO.

Previously, in November 2023, Gunn mentioned that The Brave and the Bold was not yet written, so it might be a while before further updates on the film are made clear. 

Two Simultaneous Cinematic Caped Crusaders?

It has been known for a while now that DC Studios and Warner Bros. plan to have two Batman film franchises running concurrently. 

One is the established The Batman series, which stars Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, and the other is firmly set within the rebooted DCU where the Dark Knight will exist alongside a myriad of other superhero types. This Batman has yet to be cast.

So, how will DC differentiate between both big-screen Batmen? For starters, Reeves and Pattinson’s universe is quite grounded and gritty. Not to mention that Bruce seems to be the world’s only costumed hero.

The DCU’s Batman, however, will, again, live in a world with superheroes abound. This is a Bats who can team up with the likes of Superman and Green Lantern as well as the Bat-Family

Plus, it’s strongly expected that just from the fact that this take on Batman will be in the DCU, his world will be significantly more "comic-booky" than the more realistic Pattinson films.

The Batman Part II is set to hit theaters on October 3, 2025. The Brave and the Bold is currently without an officially announced release date.

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