DC Announces New Batman Movie Without Affleck or Pattinson

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A new Batman movie has been officially announced by DC Studios leads James Gunn and Peter Safran, and neither Ben Affleck nor Robert Pattinson will be starring in it.

Not all too long ago, Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav made the statement that "there's not going to be four Batman" in live action going forward.

This includes the previously mentioned two Caped Crusaders, alongside Michael Keaton's returning take on the character and Iain Glen's Bruce Wayne in the now-canceled Titans.

There clearly was not a concrete plan for the character or a wider universe before all the recent changes at DC Studios. But now, there is, and one of the first announcements is about everyone's favorite angry crime-fighting orphan.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Batman on Screen

In a report from Variety, the new slate of DCU films has been announced—and it includes The Brave and The Bold.

The classic title will be labeling a brand-new journey with Batman on movie screens around the world, one that'll have a new Bruce Wayne in the lead, alongside his son, Damian Wayne, also known as one of the many Robins.

The report makes it clear that the new movie will exist separate from both Matt Reeves' The Batman universe and Ben Affleck's DCEU portrayal of the Caped Crusader.

As for Damian, according to Gunn himself, the kid will introduce the Bat Family to wider audiences. The filmmaker described the character as "[his] favorite Robin," "a little son of a bitch," an "assassin," and a "murderer."

Gunn further noted that Bruce and Damian's story is "a very strange sort of father-son story about the two of them."

He continued, specifically noting how DC Comics writer Tom King is a key influence on the project.

In a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Gunn claimed that this film will be "the introduction of the DCU Batman."

While talking with Collider, Peter Safran revealed that not only will Damian Wayne be introduced but so will "the extended Bat Family:"

"... And it's going to feature other members of the extended Bat Family. Just because we feel like they've been left out of the Batman stories in the theater for far too long."

New DCU, New Batman

Of course, there will no doubt be dissenters when they learn that yet another new live-action Batman is on the way. Though, it's safe to say both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck's times as the Dark Knight will be coming to a close with this year's The Flash.

As for Robert Pattinson, he gets to live another day, with Matt Reeves' The Batman: Part II living under the Elseworlds banner and releasing on October 3, 2025.

It's clear how this time around, the hero will be far different. Introducing the Bat Family is a huge step that will thoroughly make this adaptation of the Caped Crusader far different from previous ones.

This not only opens the door for not only Damian but also fan-beloved characters such as Nightwing, Red Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl, and more.

It'll be a while before fans see anything from The Brave and the Bold. The upcoming project does not have a release date, but it'll come sometime after Superman: Legacy, which isn't hitting theaters until July 11, 2025.

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