Batman's Reboot Movie Gets Discouraging Script Development Update

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Co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn just revealed some disappointing news regarding the script for the DCU’s upcoming Batman movie, The Brave and the Bold.

Now that the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) strikes are over, projects can now get back into or begin production, and other future titles (such as The Brave and the Bold) can now be officially written.

The Flash director Andy Muschietti will reportedly be directing the upcoming film as well, and fans are wondering just how far along in development the Dark Knight story is.

James Gunn Gives Batman Reboot Update

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On a recent Instagram post, a fan commented asking James Gunn if an official casting announcement would be made soon regarding the upcoming Batman film, The Brave and the Bold.

Gunn responded to the fan by revealing that there will not be a casting announcement coming up, specifically because the script hasn’t been written:

“No. We don’t even have a script yet.”

This update from Gunn will likely be discouraging to many fans seeing as how The Brave and the Bold is one of the most anticipated upcoming projects in the DCU, and the fact that its script isn’t done means that it won’t come out until probably 2026 at the earliest.

Gunn’s comments also could mean that Caped Crusader won’t get cast until the script is done, which would make the chances Batman will appear in early DCU projects extremely slim.

This is a similar update to one that Gunn provided in August while both the writers' and actors' strikes were still active.

Why Is Batman Not Cast Yet?

The fact that Batman hasn’t yet been cast may be disappointing to some fans, but at the same time, it stays true to something that Gunn promised when the DCU was first revealed.

The co-CEO of DC Studios revealed that one rule for the DCU will be that pre-production, which includes casting, will not happen until the script for that movie is entirely finished.

He specifically stated at one point that moving forward with the filmmaking process while still writing the script can cause problems and that the DCU is not going to do that at all:

“We’re not going to be making movies and putting hundreds of millions of dollars in a film where a screenplay is only two-thirds of the way done and we have to finish it while we’re making the movie.”

Gunn doubled down on this promise in another instance when he stated yet again that he is “a writer at heart,” and will not be “making movies before the screenplay is finished:”

“People have become beholden to [release] dates, to getting movies made no matter what. I’m a writer at my heart, and we’re not going to be making movies before the screenplay is finished.”

Therefore, it is encouraging that Gunn is sticking to his plan and will try to make the DCU the best it can be.

Hopefully, The Brave and the Bold’s script will get written sometime sooner rather than later, but at the same time, fans will ultimately appreciate if it takes longer, as long as it is done right.

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