Batman's Reboot Movie Gets Unsurprising Casting Update from DC Boss

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Batman, Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne

The upcoming Batman reboot got a to-be-expected update from DC Studios co-lead James Gunn.

Among the many projects in Gunn's Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters is The Brave and the Bold, which will bring audiences a brand-new Batman. However, it won't materialize for quite some time.

Previously, Gunn revealed that the character would be cast with a new actor, and no returning Batmen would be the DCU's full-time Dark Knight. He also made it clear that "Batman will be Bruce Wayne and the actor isn't cast yet."

The most recent update from the filmmaker stated that a casting decision for Bruce Wayne is "miles and miles away."

James Gunn Offers Update on Batman Casting

Batman Brave and the Bold

On Threads, DC Studios co-lead James Gunn offered a rather unsurprising update regarding the DCU's casting for Batman.

In response to a fan asking if recent DCU Batman casting rumors were true, Gunn admitted how he had no idea what they were talking about and that "no casting" has occurred yet:

"I don't know what you're talking about, but we don't even have a script, and there's a strike happening, so, no, no casting."

While casting might remain a mystery for the time being, fans at least already know who will be responsible for bringing the Dark Knight's story into the DCU.

Previously, it was revealed by Variety that The Flash director Andi Muschietti would be directing The Brave and the Bold. Hopefully, his time with Batman will prove more fruitful than his adventure with Barry Allen turned out.

Who Could Portray the DCU's New Batman?

While James Gunn might not be thinking about the casting for a new Batman just yet, fans are always speculating. 

Some top contenders for audiences include the likes of Jensen Ackles, Nicolas Hoult, and John Krasinski—any of whom would be arguably perfect for the role.

Hopefully, once the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are resolved, fans will hear about the casting for The Brave and the Bold sooner rather than later.

The movie is one of the most anticipated projects on Gunn’s DCU slate, and it will also feature something rarely explored in live-action movies: the Bat Family. Not only will Damian Wayne feature, but other members of Batman’s extending crime-fighting group will be showing up as well.

For now, there is no current release window for The Brave and the Bold.

While audiences wait for the DCU to get its Batman, fans can turn to Matt Reeves' The Batman Part II in order to enjoy the Caped Crusader before he gets the spotlight in Gunn's world.

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