DC Studios Announces Its 3rd Director for New Superhero Movie Reboot

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James Gunn and Peter Safran's DC Studios just hired its third movie director.

The superhero veterans have already revealed the first ten movies and shows in Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, which is only the beginning of their rebooted DCU.

But obviously, just as the MCU has done, the pair will be pulling in a wide variety of creatives to bring this plan to life and give each project a distinct tone and feel.

The First 3 Directors in James Gunn's DCU Reboot

In the months since James Gunn and Peter Safran took charge of DC Studios and revealed a ten-project slate, the DCU has begun to announce the first talent getting involved both in front and behind the camera.

Of the five big-screen blockbusters announced so far, directors are now officially attached to three of them, the details of which are explored below.

Andy Muschietti - Brave and the Bold

Batman Robin

The latest hire to direct from DC Studios comes with Andy Muschietti, who will take the lead for the DCU's Batman reboot, The Brave and the Bold. The director's past theatrical experience includes The Flash along with It and It: Chapter Two

Obviously, having directed The Flash, The Brave and the Bold won't be Muschietti's first time working with DC's Dark Knight, as that film included a wealth of action with both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton.

James Gunn commented on the hiring, calling Muschietti a "visionary director [and] massive DC fan," noting how there was "really only one choice" for The Brave and the Bold, and "luckily" he was on board.

James Gunn - Superman: Legacy

Superman comics

As most were expecting from the beginning of James Gunn's tenure as DC Studios co-CEOs, the filmmaker will be directing for the DCU as he takes on the new universe's very first movie, Superman: Legacy.

Currently, the director is preparing to begin production on the Superman reboot in January 2024 as he continues the casting process for Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Lex Luthor, having already finished writing the script himself.

Although Gunn has only been so far attached to direct Superman: Legacy after helming The Suicide Squad and most episodes of Peacemaker, he will also take on writing duties for the seven-episode animated Creature Commandos show.

James Mangold - Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing

After the filmmaker teased his involvement in Swamp Thing on Twitter with a cryptic photo of the DC character, The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report James Mangold was in talks for the horror project.

Mangold - who was at the helm of Logan and Indiana Jones 5 - later confirmed to Collider he will write and direct Swamp Thing, but he's unsure whether it will come before or after his upcoming Star Wars movie which will explore the first Jedi:

"The truth is, I'm writing both right now, and who knows what's going to happen and what's gonna blossom first or second? So there's your thing, I'm doing 'Swamp Thing,' there's your scoop. It's not a rumor, it's happening. I put it online."

Speaking at the DCU Chapter 1 slate reveal in January, James Gunn touted Swamp Thing as a horror that will "investigate the dark origins" of the monster, who is still planned to crossover with other characters.

Who Will Be DC's Next Director Hire?

With directors now attached to Superman: Legacy, Brave and the Bold, and Swamp Thing, the only DCU movies still to find talent to lead them are Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow and The Authority

According to one report, The Authority may actually be the DCU's second movie, releasing in 2026 after they potentially even appear in Superman: Legacy. If that is still the case, a director may be brought onto the project sooner rather than later.

One rumored name recently thrown around to helm The Authority was Kingsman and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn, with some claiming he may be in talks for DC's big-screen answer to The Boys.

Of course, it's too soon to tell if he will get the gig or even if those rumors are true, but many fans have been quick to support the choice. Regardless, if The Authority is actually set to be an early DCU entry, a director is likely to be recruited soon.

The DCU kickstarts officially on the big screen with Superman: Legacy, which hits theaters on July 11, 2025.

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